Storm Spotters Keep an Eye on the Sky

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS-- KNWA/FOX 24 Storm Spotters head out on Sunday to find severe weather.

Colby Ward has been storm spotting for years. He set out on Sunday, searching for a thrill.

Ward said, "Sometimes you'll have a full tornado all the way down to the ground. Typically the whole base of it will be spinning. Most people enjoy sunny days and calm conditions.. i go out looking for i guess a little bit of adventure.

With radar reflecting a dangerous forecast, Ward keeps his hands on the wheel and his eye on the sky.

Ward said, "I've been within a couple hundred yards of a couple tornadoes."

He searches for funnel clouds that could potentially turn into tornadoes.

"Funnel clouds are rotating wall clouds typically and they are not touching the ground," Ward said.

However, depending on which way the wind blows storm spotting isn't always exciting.

Ward said, "It's a lot of driving. Hundreds of miles and for a chance to see something, but sometimes you get out there and you bust."

Either way, Ward knows his work in the field.... can help others stay out of harms way.

Ward said, "We are out there where the radar can't see. We're right there on the ground next to it and we can report directly back."

Driving along with technology by his side, he says it can be dangerous but the reward is worth the risk.

"You see some amazing storms, structure, and tornadoes even. It gets me out there and I am able to see what's going on," Ward said.

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