Local Organization TEC Helps Kids in Need by Donating Computers

SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. - - These days technology and education go hand in hand.

With that, most kids are expected to do school work on their computer at home but some families can't afford one.

A local man started an organization, TECS; Technology Empowering Children's Success, that wants to solve this problem by providing computers to kids in the area. 

"I think it's a blessing to many children. And I think there's many children at there can use this. I'm glad someone came up with it," Pamela Orr, Dallas' Grandmother said.   

One computer at a time. That's what one Siloam Springs man says will change kids' academic future all because of one man's dream to change upcoming generations. 
Paul White noticed a problem in our area, kids not able to be completely successful in school because they don't have access to a computer outside the home. 
"Children are actually given homework on their Google account now. So if they don't have access to it at home, then they can't accomplish it till they get back to school," White said.  
White owns a technology store and is able to refurbish old computers and give them to children like Dallas Orr.
"We figured what better way to kick off the program than to get Dallas who's a autistic child the first computer," White said. "We did a lot of research on his needs set up the computer based on that." 
"I think this will help him out a lot because he is slow learning," Orr said. "But if it's something I can sit down with him and help him do then I think he will pick up and learn things he hasn't been able to learn." 
White doesn't want to just change the lives of kids here but put a computer in the hands of every child in need across the nation. 
"Our goal is actually to be able to take,and help Northwest Arkansas first," White said. "But we're wanting to spread the program further and make it as large as we can." 

White and his wife have four adopted children of their own, and he says having access to technology has helped them excel in school.

He hopes to provide other kids the same opportunities.

 If you want to donate a computer or apply to get a computer, click here.

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