#TopTrenders: "Peter Rabbit" Faces Backlash

The runway may be running out for New York Fashion Week. The February event has had a record low number of shows, down 19% from 2016, to 118. This, as a growing number of designers take a pass on the event. Big name designers opted to show at a fashion week in another city this year. And, New York Fashion Week's September event saw a 76% drop in the number of shows  to 140, from 2014.
 The declining number of shows could tamp down the economic impact of the biannual event which was pegged recently at $900 million. Several designers, want to leave the traditional calendar altogether and move their shows to the summer and winter months. That's when buyers spend 80% of their budgets.

Want to make your flowers for your honey bunny last a year?  Then you may want to send these. A flower company specializes in boxed roses that it says last an entire year. The couple behind this bouquet worked  with a farm in Ecuador to develop a wax-based solution that can preserve each rose's texture, shape and even some of its scent. They don't come cheap, a single red rose costs $39, while a box of 42 costs upwards of $399. 

The makers of the new film "Peter Rabbit" apologize over their depiction of a character's food allergy. In a joint statement Sony pictures and the filmmakers said they "should not have made light of the issue." 
 Where a scene in the movie shows a human character with an allergy to blackberries being pelted by the fruit by a gang of bunnies. One of the berries lands in the character's mouth and he is forced to use an epipen to treat his reaction. Sony pictures said that it was wrong for the filmmakers to include the segment "even in a cartoonish, slapstick way." 

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