#WebExtra: Chance and Kendrick Among Popular Baby Names

They are the voices that launched a movement.  Time magazine honored not one person, but many as its "Person of the Year". "The Silence Breakers" represent the women who triggered the #metoo national outcry over sexual harassment.  The cover features Actress Ashley Judd, Singer Taylor Swift, former Uber Engineer Susan Fowler, and Activist Tarana Burke who started the concept of "me too". The cover also features a woman whose face is obscured, intended to represent those who haven't yet come forward. Time's Editor in Chief said the people who spoke out about harassment have created one of the greatest velocity shifts in our culture in decades.
Runners up for "Person of the Year" include President Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, and Patty Jenkins. 

Names like Jackson for boys and Sophia for girls are the most popular names given to babies this year, but 'Chance' and 'Kendrick' are now trending as well. That's according to babycenter.com, 'Chance' - as in Chance the Rapper jumped 21% in popularity for boys this year and Kendrick, as in Lamar leaped 9%. The news doesn't come as much of a surprise, especially since both artists have produced some of the best music in the genre. Chance's 216 debut album, 'Coloring Book', and Lamar's 'Damn' both received critical acclaim and peaked at number one the top on the Billboard charts.  Both are also credited with having made a great impact in their communities.

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