#WebExtra: Man Saves Rabbit from Wildfires

We're quickly approaching the end of the year so it's time to start looking back at what's been happening in 2017. Apple unveiled the most popular apps of the year. The most downloaded iOS app of 2017 was the "Bitmoji" app. The custom emoji app soaring to the top of the list thanks to an integration with Snapchat. Snapchat took second place this year after taking the top spot in 2016. The YouTube app took third place, followed by Facebook's messaging app and Instagram. The most popular paid app of 2017 was the selfie editing tool "Facetune" which allows users to touch photos up. 

A rescue caught on camera! A wild rabbit got a hand from an animal lover evacuating from the fast spreading California wildfires. You can see the man struggle to chase down the bunny by the side of the highway. But he isn't fast enough to grab the animal before it runs into the brush. He doesn't give up, moving in closer and finally snatching his new floppy eared friend and carrying it to safety.
The man didn't want to be on camera, his concern, getting the animal to safety. Social media loves this guy, one user said "Bunnies need heroes too. They have one in this man."

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