Boy, 8, drives to McDonald's after learning how online

Child took 4-year-old sister along

8-year-old drives sister to McDonald's

An 8-year-old boy who learned to drive online took himself and his little sister to McDonald’s on Sunday, hoping to buy cheeseburgers with money from his piggy bank, according to reports.

East Palestine Patrolman Jacob Koehler went to the restaurant after several people reported seeing the boy driving a van through the Ohio village’s downtown. When the officer arrived, the 8-year-old was still behind the wheel.

“What are you doing?” Koehler told WKBN. “And he said, ‘Me and my sister really wanted a cheeseburger.’”

“So, then I asked him how he learned how to drive,” the officer told WKBN. “And he said he looked up YouTube videos on how to drive.”

Witnesses said the boy appeared to obey all traffic laws during the 1.5-mile trip, stopping at red lights and safely making a left turn into the parking lot, the Weirton Daily Times reported. It was the first time the boy had driven.

“He didn’t hit a single thing on the way there. It was unreal,” Koehler told the newspaper.

When the child ordered at the drive-thru, the employees thought they were being pranked – and that the parents might be in the backseat.

But it was just the boy and his 4-year-old sister who “really wanted a cheeseburger,” Koehler said. The children’s grandparents brought the kids to the police station, where the parents eventually picked them up.

No charges were filed, and it wasn’t a case of neglect (the kids had already been fed breakfast, lunch and dinner), the Weirton Daily Times reported. With his parents asleep, the boy grabbed the keys to his father van by standing up on his tip-toes.

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