Charges: Woman arrested after waving condom in cop's face

Affidavit says woman taunted police: 'Try this on'

A Florida woman was arrested after waving a condom in a cop's face and telling him to try it on, Treasure Coast Newspapers reported.

St. Lucie County Sheriff deputies were assisting another county with an investigation when they encountered Melissa Kelly, 37, in Fort Pierce, according to an affidavit. 

She allegedly addressed a deputy by name, swore at him, and then went into her house.

Kelly reportedly stood in front of a large window, as deputies pointed guns at her until they could see she didn't have a weapon in her hands, Treasure Coast reported.

A deputy said that Kelly "confronted me aggressively and came within inches from my face holding a condom and waving it at me."

She allegedly yelled at the deputy: "Here, try this on for size."

Kelly is facing charges related to the "breach of peace" and resisting arrest without violence, Treasure Coast reported.

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