ELOS Plus Sublative Laser FAQ

Q- What is the treatment process like for this procedure?

A- As a patient, you will first be seen for a consultation to make sure you are a good candidate for treatment. It is good to tell your provider all of your past medical history as well as past surgeries and medications you are taking.

The day of treatment, you will come in 15-20 minutes before the procedure to have a topical anesthetic applied to the treatment area. Next we will have you wash your face to ensure all the topical numbing medication is removed. We will then place the laser on the area of skin under your ear for a test spot. This lets us make sure we have the proper settings for your skin type in order to get the maximum results. The laser will then be place over the skin within the treatment area and a warm, tingly sensation may be felt. During the procedure it is common for the face to become warm, and a fan can be used to cool the skin. After the treatment is complete, a sunscreen will be applied to the whole face.

Q- How do I know that the sublative laser is right for me?

A- Each patient will have a free cosmetic consultation prior to treatment to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment. Overall, this treatment is a safe and effective solution for most skin types.

Q- When can I expect to see results?

A- The typical treatment protocol is 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. The total number of required treatment sessions depends on the condition of the skin.

Q- Are sublative treatments covered by my insurance?

A- Most insurance companies do not offer reimbursement for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Please consult your insurance carrier for more details.


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