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Ozark Guidance Center: Keeping Your Family Healthy

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to take care of the relationships within a family.  Check out these tips for nurturing those relationships!  (Paid Content)
Everyone is part of a family, whether it's one you are born into or one you choose and create yourself. Some families are healthier than others, but every family takes a certain amount of work to keep it alive and growing. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to take care of the relationships within a family.

Here are some tips for nurturing those relationships:

1.     Turn off the TV - it's hard to find out what's going on in the lives of your family members when you're paying attention to the lives of the television "Real Housewives of Elsewhere!"

2.     Have a family meeting - sometimes the grown-ups forget to let their kiddos have some input. Have a family meeting where each family member gets a turn to talk. Set a timer and don't interrupt!

3.     Date night - get some one-on-one time with adults. This can be a tough one moms! Don't forget to spend some time with people other than your kids. If you don't have a significant other, get in a girl's night!

4.     Create rituals - celebrate things that happen in your lives beyond just birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Bedtime, waking up, coming home from school - all of these daily moments are opportunities for making a ritual, which can be important and make a big impact on your relationships within your family.

Moms are often the emotional barometer of a family. Check in and assess where your family is and take a minute to grow the relationships within your family!

For more information about mental health and wellness log onto the Ozark Guidance web site at www.ozarkguidance.org or call 750-2020.

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