Pets of the Week: Joe & Nate #BetterwithPets

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - A cute pup and a tricky kitty are up for adoption. They are patiently waiting for their forever homes at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. Here are our Pets of the Week:

"Well this is Joe. He's about 8 years old. He's very, very friendly. Loves people. He really doesn't want anything more than to just be petted and be near his people. Gets along fine with other dogs. He's not really the playful type. He kind of just want to hang out, be petted, go for walks. He tolerates other dogs just fine, but he doesn't really appreciate, you know, getting jumped on or rough play or getting chased around or anything like that. He's a very relaxed and calm dog. He's very soft, minimal maintenance really required... He's a good boy."

"What're you doing, Nate? He's a really sweet cat, really smart cat. He's actually, he's made us have to get a lock for his cage because he keeps figuring out how to open it in the middle of the night and, you know, we'll come in and he's just out. He's very talkative for a cat, he really likes to tell you what's going on, tell you about his day. He loves people, loves getting petted."

If you want to adopt Joe or Nate, call the Fayetteville Animal Shelter at (479) 444-3456.

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