2014 Arkansas Razorbacks Media Guide

Your handy index to the 2014 Arkasnas Razorbacks media guide. Hogs history, 2013 stats, top returners, info on newcomers, and much more!
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With the 2014 season set to kickoff, the University of Arkansas Football Media Guide has utilized cutting-edge augmented reality technology to bring fans closer than ever to the program. Arkansas is the first school in the nation to feature the Reveal by EBSCO Media app on a media guide cover as the Razorbacks respect the past and represent the future.

The 2014 season marks the 50th anniversary of the proudest moment in Razorbacks football history when the 1964 squad was the only undefeated team in the nation with an 11-0 record and won the national championship given by the Football Writers Association of America and The Helms Athletic Foundation. As a tribute, the 2014 senior class elected to replicate the cover of the 1964 Arkansas Football Media Guide.

The Reveal by EM technology featured on the front and back covers of the 2014 football media guide can be downloaded in the App Store on ITunes and scanned for enhanced content throughout the season including interviews and highlight videos to give the fans an inside look at Razorback football all year long. When scanned by smartphones or tablets, the front of the 2014 Arkansas media guide gives fans the opportunity to relive memories of the national championship season by reviewing the 1964 Arkansas media guide. The back cover of the 2014 guide shows a video featuring the changes to Razorback Nike uniform, which was unveiled earlier this year. Fans are encouraged to check back often as the content will change throughout the season.

This innovative technology allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting fans with more meaningful content. Using the camera and sensors on smartphones or tablets, Reveal adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, or sounds – directly into the world. With the help of advanced augmented reality technology (adding computer vision and object recognition) the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes digitally interactive and artificial information about the environment and its objects can be overlaid.

Filled with 208 pages of information, the book is the foremost source on Razorbacks football for the 2014 season. The guide includes a 2014 season preview, updated biographical and statistical information about the Razorback coaching staff and student-athletes. In addition, it contains a complete history of the Arkansas football program, including records, award winners, year-by-year statistics and series records.

Check out some of the pages below:

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