"We've got to learn to respond to adversity a lot better.  I think as coaches we need to be crystal clear on what we are saying. I don't want our players trying to decide during the course of the game if they heard things correctly, if they are playing the right technique, if they are executing the correct call." says Bret Bielema, Arkansas' Head Football Coach.

It's a problem that occurred over and over again in 2013. Changing it is on both the coaches and the players.

"Summer workouts have been going real well. We're just trying to take it one day at a time and trying to approach it with an attitude to get better each and every day and I believe we have." says Senior Safety Alan Turner.

"We've put in more work this summer than I think I've ever experienced in this program." continues Senior Offensive Lineman Brey Cook.

One of the biggest helps this summer is the new rule allowing coaches limited access to work with players

Turner adds, "With the new rule changes I really feel like it really helped us to move forward in a positive way and everyone on the team embraced it."
From the offense to the defense and special teams- it's a different atmosphere- a simplistic approach to being more effective.

"You know one of the things I sat back in January and realized was we just needed to be better at a lot of things that weren't scheme related. They were football IQ, communication, understanding the complexity of the game critical downs, just different things that can help you win games in a short amount of time." continues Bielema.

"He implemented things and, you know, creating an attitude for us as far as a winning attitude, and just knowing that if we practice this way over and over again then it will become habit and we'll create winning habits." says Senior Defensive End Trey Flowers.

"Trying to correct the little things because we know that will help us a lot, and just continue to get better each and every day." adds Turner.

Another principle Bielema says he's preached this summer is the importance of earning things. As an example, He says, say someone give you something that you didn't  earn, it's not going to last long, but if you work hard and put in the effort to earn a scholarship, earn a win, earn an SEC Title, it lasts forever. He says it's a concept this team has latched on to.

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