ALS Hits Close To Home For Razorback Adam Deacon

We've seen the Ice Bucket Challenge take social media by storm- raising money for A-L-S research. If you don't know what A-L-S is- A-myo-trophic Lateral Sclerosis is a progressive neuro degenative disease in your brain and spinal cord. 

And it's a disease that hits close to home for one Arkansas football player. 

"It brought us all together, and it put us in a position where we can spread what ALS is and get it out to the public." says Junior Offensive Lineman Adam Deacon. 

In March of 2013, Junior Offensive Lineman Adam Deacon lost his mother Leanne to ALS. 

"It's the hardest thing I've ever done, you know, football doesn't even compare to how hard that was. Just seeing my mom go through so much pain and you know, her mental state was perfectly fine, but couldn't speak, she couldn't move. It was the hardest thing seeing my dad cry, seeing my family cry about all of this." adds Deacon.

A disease that affects nearly 56 hundred Americans a year and has no cure, bringing awareness is what's most important. 

"A lot of kids know ALS, they know Lou Gehrig's disease but they don't know a lot about it, and Adam was able to get up and talk specifically about what his family went through, what he went though, obviously what his mother went through." says Head Football Coach Bret Bielema. 

And his message rang loud and clear with his teammates- 

"The team actually came up with the challenge. They are all going to donate $5 from their own check and I'll match that amount and it will be a great cause and great awareness." continues Bielema. 

Along with their donation, the Razorbacks participating in the popualr Ice Bucket Challenge in Deacon's mom's honor.  

'It means the world to me, it really does. These guys are like my family and it means a lot that they care so much about me and my family and my mom that passed away. That they'd do this and support and their giving money." continues Deacon. "The main goal is to donate and spread awareness. But it is also great to see Coach B get soaking wet. It was a great time. It was very fun."

Adam's day got better on Wednesday when the team did the ice bucket challenge- Not only is the team donating to ALS- but coach Bielema presenting Deacon- now a former walk-on- with a full scholarship. 

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