Arkansas-Auburn Preview Pigtrail Show 8-24

   Three weeks into fall camp and this is what the hogs have been preparing for.

   A winless season in the SEC is something most teams try to forget.  But Arkansas is embracing what happened in 2013 and using it as motivation.   And what better way to release the dissatifaction...than begin the year against a rival.  For the Hogs, the top storyline...containing the Hurry-Up No Huddle Offense.

7- TQ Coleman- Sr. Linebacker:  "Their gameplan is really simple.  They just kind of speed it up...a lot. They run a play about every 10 to 12 seconds. So doing that, it gets you kind of tired and you're not thinking."

Robb Smith- Arkansas Defensive Coordinator:  "We've got to be very discipline in our approach.  We got to make sure that we're taking away the dive, the quarterback, any throw off of that so.  You know, we're spending a lot of time in the film room, a lot times just making sure that we understand our system and how we need to operate."

  The Razorback offense operated at a minimal level last year.  The reason.. the lack of a solid passing attack, that put more emphasis on the running game.  That missing element hurt Arkansas in crucial scoring opportunties. 

10- Brandon Allen- Jr. Quarterback:  "Last year, we had a lot of good drives that just didn't end in touchdowns and I think that's something we're taking to heart this year.  We've got to finish our drives. We have a saying...when we get to the endzone, it's touchdowns, not field, we need to finish each drive with touchdowns."

Against the Tigers.. Arkansas will stick to their principal in running the ball against an unproven, but skilled defense

Jim Chaney-Arkansas Offensive Coordinator:  "Talent.  They're big, they're talented in their front.  Anytime you've got a good defense, you've got a lot of talent in your front seven and really good skilled kids.  They've just got a bunch of good kids that can play football."

32- Jonathan Williams- Jr. Running Back:  "The thing that we have to do is play our game.  Everybody's excited to play Auburn.  And they're the first game of the season, but we just have to play our game and stick to what we do."

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