Arkansas Legends Hold Camp In Central Arkansas

  Darren McFadden... Peyton Hillis and D.J. Williams make hog fans think back on the good times of the program.
  They brought respect to Arkansas football...from a state that gave them the same.

  Now as pros... they returned give that love back.

  Darren McFadden:  Oakland RB/Former Razorback   "It's always great coming home."
  Peyton Hillis:  Giants RB/Former Razorback    "It feels like your in college again."  
  D.J. Williams: Patriots Tight End/Former Razorback    "My mom loves it when I come home.  i purposely let all of my clothes get dirty so she can wash them.  She feels so important when she washes my clothes."

   Whatever the reason ... these tians of Razorback history found home again.
   In North Little Rock... the Legends of Razorbacks football camp showcased three of the most successful football Hogs in recent history.
   It's was an opportunity to share the knowledge to future Razorbacks about their life successes and struggles on and off the field.

Darren McFadden:  Oakland RB/Former Razorback: "When I was young, we didn't have a lot of pro athletes around to come out and do camps, so it's just a great thing to come out here....because I know you can tell these kids something that will probably stick with them for the rest of their lives."
D.J. Williams: Patriots Tight End/Former Razorback  "It's cool.  Not just the people that played at Arkansas, but people from Arkansas.  That's something special."

   For McFadden, Hillis & Williams... the NFL has been test of patience.
   D-Mac with his injuries... and Hillis, along with D.J. in playing for multiple teams in a short span of time.
  So in 2014... all three are geared to prove a major point.

  D.J. Williams: Patriots Tight End/Former Razorback  "I'm excited to get there with this new mindset that I have and just approach it with a very professional manner like I said and compete at a level that I've never competed before."
  Peyton Hillis:  Giants RB/Former Razorback  "There's always somebody else in front of me.  So my whole career I've been like, 'Well, I just have to find out a way to be better than that somebody else in front of me.'" 
  Darren McFadden:  Oakland RB/Former Razorback  "For me, it's a very important year.  And I just want to go out there and prove to people that I can play healthy and injury free.  You know, as long as I am out there playing ball, everything else is going to take care of itself out there."

 All in all... this weekend wasn't just about the kids.. but for old teammates and friends to reunite and reminecse on some of the great times in Razorback football history.

   Darren McFadden:  Oakland RB/Former Razorback  "Being able to come out here and catch up with these guys and to see how everything is going with them in their lives, it's a great opportunity and great feeling."

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