Bev Lewis Retiring After 33 Years

"It's been a privilege to work at the University of Arkansas. It's been a privilege to be here and thanks to all of you for touching my life." says Bev Lewis, Executive Associate Athletics Director

After 33 years at the University of Arkansas, Current Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Associate Athletic Director Bev Lewis is retiring.

"It's kind of unusual to start your career and do your whole career in one location but that's what I did, falling in love with Arkansas once I got here and didn't want to leave. I've had just a wonderful experience here. Coming in I was 23 when I first came and got my head coaching job. I think going through that and going through being director of women's athletics for 19 years." adds Lewis.

Lewis arrived at a time when nationwide women's collegiate athletics were really an afterthought and made it her mission to make women's athletics what they are today at the University of Arkansas.
"It was fun for me. The period of time where we added four women's sports. Added Volleyball, softball, golf, gymnastics." continues Lewis.

"She's known throughout the NCAA for what she did to promote women's sports back in a time when it wasn't as easy as it is today." adds Athletic Director Jeff Long.
To celebrate her dedication the University held a retirement party in the building that bears her name.

"So as a token of our appreciation we would like to give you a university chair. I'm going to unveil it., Bev."  says David Gearhart, University of Arkansas Fayetteville Campus Chancellor.

"What I enjoyed the most was really me being able to serve student athletes and being able to serve coaches and work with great coaches and great staff." adds Lewis.
Monday marks the official end of Bev Lewis' tenure at Arkansas- But she believes...

"I think I'm leaving it as best we could. I feel real good about where the program is. The strength of it and the coaches that are here. I think it's in a good place." ends Lewis.

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