Bielema, Hogs No-Huddle Controversy, Not An Issue

Bret Bielema came into his second SEC Media Day...a lot less controversial, than his first.  His issue with the hurry up offense was still a huge topic of discussion.  It also gave Bielema a chance to reinterrate his stance on the rule that would allow substiution of defensive players during drives, discussed at the league meetings.

Bret Bielema- Arkansas Head Coach:  "On that committe, i was trying to get that 10 second rule, just on first down.  Not on every play, just on first down that was it."
Alan Turner:  Sr. Safety:  "I love Coach B.  He's a geniue guy and uh....With's...he says what he believes and he speaks his opinion."

Chris Frye:  Proponents of the Guz Malzahn and Hugh Freeze...of course, doesn't see it as an issue.

Gus Malzahn:  Auburn Head Coach:  "That's what we believe in.  I think if you look around college football... you know, there's a lot of teams...probably the majority of them, doing some type of no-huddle, playing fast."

Gary Pinkel- Missouri Head Coach:  "The great thing about college football, more so than maybe anything...high school and NFL the innovation that you have and how's it's changed and how it's one of the great things."

Chris Frye:  As for the Arkansas defensive players and their opinions on facing this type of offense....

Alan Turner- Sr. Safety:  "Up tempo thoughts is they do what they do real well. I respect them for that.  I have nothing against up-tempo offenses, I just look forward to playing them."

Trey Flowers- Sr. Defensive End:  "I don't like it a lot, because I'm the victim of it.  I'll be tire or worn out and gotta get right back to the line of scrimmage......"

Arkansas will get its fill of the no-huddle offense this season...facing five teams that run this system or something similar.

Auburn....Texas Tech...Northern Illinois..Texas A&M...Ole Miss..Missouri.

Bielema's comments and beliefs will be put to the ultimate test.  
Let's hope none of his facts come to fruition in regards of his defensive line-up.

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