Bielema Talks About Team During SEC Media Days

Bret Bielema was asked more than once by the SEC Media here in Hoover if he underestimated how tough the conference is when he left Wisconsin to take the Arkansas job. The implication was clear. You still haven't won a conference game. Would you like to go back to Wisconsin?

Bielema's answer?

That's why I have a six year contract. I knew it would not be easy. He went onto say that things that come easy in life don't last but overcoming the biggest challenges changes each of us for good. The measuring stick for football success is wins over losses but Bielema says wins start by doing other things right first and with this team those "other things" are already falling into place.

"Anything and everything that we stand for as coaches has began to happen in a very positive light. Our GPA , APR, our community service, the lack of off-the-field issues, the way our kids have conducted themselves on and off the field is second to none. All those things are in a straightward arrow straight up.The only thing that needs to change is the wins and that will happen. It will happen because of all those other things beginning to happen." says Head Football Coach Bret Bielema.

To the surprise of nobody the SEC sports media here in Hoover picked Arkansas to finish dead last in the SEC West this season but there was one surprise.

One voter picked The Razorback to win the conference. All I can say is it wasn't me because I didn't vote.

In twenty-two years of preseason polls at SEC Media Days the winner has been correctly picked four times. Four and eighteen? That's a record that I don't want to be a part of.

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