Christy Smith Talks Coming Back As Assistant Coach

Former Women's Basketball standout and WMBA player Christy Smith stopped by the Razorback Nation Studio to talk about her new position as the Women's Assistant Coach.

Watch the full interview with Christy above.

Alyssa Orange- "Christy Smith, the newest assistant coach for the Razorback Women's Basketball team joining us today. A very special guest. And we just want to talk about the fact that you're coming back to Arkansas. She played here when she was in college, and now you're back at your alma mater coaching. How exciting is that?'

Christy Smith- "I'm thrilled to be here. Probably if I had to pick a dream job, this would be it. Being able to play, and have your blood sweat, tears on that court and then be able to come back and coach is a dream come true."

Alyssa Orange- "You've had a lot poured into this university as a player, and now you get to be a coach. You get to work with all aspects of the game, so talk to us a little bit about your coaching style. What you find important as a coach, and what you want to portray to these players that you're working with."

Christy Smith- "I think along with Coach Dykes, he firmly believes that you can out work other players and other teams. So that's the basis of our team and the foundation of what we are trying to build. That you will outwork everyone that you are going up against, and there is never going to be a question of who's working the hardest when we step out on that court."

Alyssa Orange- "I know the girls are really excited for this new era to begin. What is your message to the players once you guys start practice and the first thing that you guys get to say to them, What message do you want to come across?"

Christy Smith- "I think the biggest thing is to dream big. They need to set their goals high and don't settle for being good or average. Be great. And to go for it all. We want to be NCAA champs, and that's our goal, and that's what we are going for."

Alyssa Orange- "Alright, Christy Smith, a former member of the Arkansas Women's Basketball team, no back to coach, and I know that you are excited and we're excited for the upcoming season and what it holds. That is going to wrap it up. Have a great rest of your Monday.

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