Confidence Building With Hogs Defense Going Into Fall

  How much has this defense improved since last season?
  With the addition of three new coaches on that side of the ball...the answer is very simple...  a lot.
  Arkansas' spring game performance on defense turned head's....particularly on the d-line.  Trey Flowers returns as the unsung leader of this unit...but now paired with sophomore Detrich forms a dangerous tandem up front.. similar to last year, with Chris Smith.
"We could scare a lot of quarterbacks.  Stop a lot of runs with the help of Darius and Hogde as our D-Tackles and Nose Guard.  Us two on the edges, along with B-Low and JaMichael...creates power and speed."
  New D-line coach, Rory Segrest brings NFL experience to this talented group of Hogs...taking them back to the basics of the position.
  "It was a lot more fundamentals.  It was a new kind of technique that we got from last year...moving our hands and coming through our hips.  So I feel as though we tackled the fundamental side pretty well and we got better each and every day with that."
 Defensive Coordinator... Robb Smith, along with Secondary's coach, Clay Jennings have seemed to shore up a big concern with the defensive backs going into fall.
  "I think they brought a new mentality of being mentally physical and tough and being more aggressive."
  "Rob probably takes an offensive approach to defense as well as you can.  He really tries to set the tone defensively at what you're allowed to do offensively by the way they align... and make offense play a little bit left-handed."
  Spring only tells half the story about this unit... but Bielema is confident that the defense will be more of an asset, instead of a liability come august.
"I'm probably more confident today than I've ever been.  This is a team.. and take everyday for what it is...has gotten themselves better.  Nobody wanted to go 3-9, but the results of last year's season, are nothing more than great motivator for this season."

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