Davenport: Hogs High on Maureese Wren's Potential

Get the latest on Hog Recruiting from Richard Davenport:

Here's the transcription from that interview:


Drew Amman: "Time now for recruiting and as always our recruiting guy is joining us, that is Richard Davenport from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. RD let's begin with Maureese Wren a guy we have talked a lot about in our recruiting report previously. I understand he has rescheduled his visit for July 24th?"


Richard Davenport: "He was suppose to visit on Friday. Like you said he'll visit on the 24th. He is a guy that Arkansas really fell in love with after seeing him at the satellite camp in Dallas/Fort Worth in June. 6'4" 216. Very versatile. Could play safety, could play outside linebacker. Very good athlete. Played receiver in high school. So he is just a guy that just has the it factor when it comes to being able to play the game of football. It doesn't matter which position."


Drew Amman: "Let's talk about the quarterback position in the class of 2019, Ty Evans, I understand his family really wanted to make it a point to visit Northwest Arkansas."


Richard Davenport: "And they are going to do that. They arrived on Saturday. They'll be leaving on Tuesday. So they are spending a long time in Northwest Arkansas. Obviously they are checking out the football program, getting to know the coaching staff and just seeing the university a little bit more than they did the first time when they visited back in June. But they also wanted to check out the Northwest Arkansas area to see if it is an area they want to live because wherever Ty decides to attend college that's where they plan to move there. So I think with the livability and just the quality of life in Northwest Arkansas I think that is an added plus for the Hogs."


Drew Amman: "Alright really looking ahead here the class of 2020, Moses Moody and Chris Moore. Tell me about these two guys?"


Richard Davenport: "Moses Moody plays for team Superstars South. He played at Parkview this past season. He is 6'5" 170. He has really blown up this spring. I think he is just going to continue to do that during summer play. Scotty Thurman saw him their first game on Thursday. Got a lot of interest from the Razorbacks. Moses he is a guy that is very versatile and can really fill it up. Chris Moore is a guy that just continues to have double-doubles all spring and summer. I think he has passed thirty double-doubles in scoring and rebounds for spring and summer right now. He's got several offers, Arkansas is definitely interested in him. It wouldn't surprise me to see them offer both of these guys at some point."


Drew Amman: "Alright a name that is very familiar to Arkansas fans that is the last name Beck. We are talking about Coriah Beck now. She gets her first offer from Arkansas' Mike Neighbors."


Richard Davenport: "Yeah I tell you what in following her for her freshman year at Fayetteville, like you said she is a 2020 guard and she's just very versatile. She could play the point. She could play the shooting guard. She's got a lot of talent, especially young talent. Obviously she knows the game of basketball because her dad Corey Beck. everybody knows him, played for the Razorbacks and won the national championship in '94. That was a big deal for her there's no doubt to get that first offer and being from the Razorbacks."


Drew Amman: "He is a recruiting machine folks. Richard Davenport, RD from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The Pigtrail rolls on after this."


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