Davenport on Recruiting: 'Ideal to Get New Coach in by Dec. 4th or 5th'

What is the state of recruiting after the Hogs fired Bret Bielema?

Richard Davenport has the latest in this recruiting report:

Here is the transcription from that interview:

Drew Amman
This is our recruiting report, and we are joined as always
by our recruiting guy Richard Davenport joining us from our KARK Studios from there in Little Rock.
RD is from Whole Hog Sports and the Arkansas Democrat
Gazette.  RD let's begin with the big news, Bret Bielema
fired by Arkansas on Friday, 
what are you hearing as far as some of the commitments
at this point?
Richard Davenport 
Well you have your standard in state guys like Connor
 Noland from Greenwood and Isaiah Nichols from Springdale
saying obviously they are saddened by the departure
of Bret Bielema and his staff but they're still 100 percent to the Razorbacks. You have others that are kinda having a 
wait and see attitude to kinda wait and see who the new coach
is, and then try to get to know him and his staff.  Byron Hanspard Cornerback from DeSoto Texas who committed
to the Razorbacks back, awhile back, he's most likely gonna
take some other visits and try to figure out what's out there 
and also see who Arkansas hires.  
He was very close to Coach Bielema and his staff and I think
it hit him pretty hard along with some of the others.
You know this one is different because you're talking about
the early signing period next month.  How do you think
that will impact the way Arkansas tries to find a new head coach?
You would hope that they would try to have a new coach
in not next weekend but soon afterwards because you
can have two weekends where you can have two official
visitors before the December 20th early signing period.
You'd wanna get guys on campus those two weekends, again try to get some of those guys on campus that are 
committed to try to get to know the coaching staff, and go 
forward and obviously the coaching staff will have new
guys on the staff, 
and they will have who they have in mind for who they'd like
to join the program.  Really that would be an ideal
situation next Monday or Tuesday.
Alright let's close with this RD because I'd like to know what this has been like for you when there is this type 
of transition?
Well you have 12 commitments on that list right now
and you know obviously the list of those 12 guys will not feature guys who will all be Razorbacks.  That's just 
common sense because you know that is just common sense and 
that's because they won't have the same chemistry that they
had with the previous coaching staff.  The coaching staff
may look at them and think they may not be a good fit
for what they wanna do, so that's number one.  Number
two, you'll have a lot of guys that are looking and looking
around, and this new coaching staff will also have some guys that they'll wanna bring in and may come with them
from the other school that they were at and may have
been committed to them so a lot of things could happen
between now and December 20th for the early signing period.  
RD as always we appreciate the insight there from
the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and Whole Hog Sports.
Richard Davenport joining us. We are back
with more of the Pig Trail after this.

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