Football Coaches Excited About Start To Fall Camp

"I'm ready to go. I had a little two week hiatus, kinda did the Grizwal summer vacation, drove all over the Midwest. This is what we do. We play and coach football. If training camp started tomorrow, it wouldn't be a bad thing." says Robb Smith, Defensive Coordinator.

"I always approach every season with a new thing. I'm always excited about it. I always think you have a chance to win all your ball games, and that's what you want to do. So lets go see what happens." says Jim Chaney, Offensive Coordinator.

"You can never be off all the way. You're thinking about your guys, how you can prepare for camp and ultimately that opening game here at the end of August." adds Joel Thomas, Running Backs Coach.

August 30th will be here faster than you know it- and  you can feel the excitement about the upcoming season from the entire coaching staff.

"The big test is coming here, you know, when we report to training camp. the summer has been great. I think our guys have done a great job of trying to improve and get better. But to play football on the field. We have a chance to do that when we get to training camp." adds Coach Smith.

"We're excited. A lot of the guys are excited about what we are doing on defense. The defensive coaching staff is excited. So it's an opportunity for us to go out there and just get better." says Randy Shannon, Linebackers Coach.

The Hogs come into 2014 with much more depth than the previous season- the coaches quick to point out one of this teams biggest strengths.

"I think our players understand more about who we are and we know them better, and just familiarity. you've heard me say that word a lot and I'll remain keep saying it because I think it's a good thing." continues Coach Chaney.

"The fact of knowing your roster that much better. The fact of knowing who they are, where they're at. Where they've come from. Know a little bit about their family goes a long way." adds Head Coach Bret Bielema.

With all the excitement it's easy to want to jump straight to August 30th and get the season rolling- but Head Coach Bret Bielema has a much more patient approach.

"Our expectation is to take it day by day. I know that's coach speak. I know a lot of you don't like that, but we'll take it day by day. We've very excited about having a challenging schedule in front of us." adds Bielema.

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