Former Hog Grants Basketball Wish To Cancer-Stricken Teenager

In Elkins, Arkansas..a young man named Alex Smith is battling brain cancer.  He loves basketball and former Razorback, Ronnie Brewer heard of Alex's plight and he and the school took action.

Every day for 13 year old Alex Smith is lived to the fullest.

"Every day may be his last day, so we try to absorb every moment of his life." says his Grandfather, Terry Stout.

"He's gone through several surgeries, brain surgeries to remove the tumor. And he had a stroke each time he had a surgery. And came home, deciding that just to come home and be a regular, 13 year old boy." adds Alex's Aunt, Amanda Coleman.

And like most regular 13 year old boys- sports, especially basketball is one of Alex's favorite things to do. 

"He loves basketball. He played a lot before this all happened to him." adds Stout. 

So with the help of Elkins High School and the community- They put on a pick-up basketball game for everyone to watch- with one special guest, Ronnie Brewer.

"You can tell what kind of character he has and how much support he has in the community because everyone came out and supported him.They cheered him on. You know, I had a lot of fun, and he had fun, and that means a lot to be and to him, I think." says Ronnie Brewer. 

"How fun was it to have Ronnie Brewer on your team?' Pretty fun!" Says Alex. 

"People like Ronnie coming out, it's been real emotional, and just real nice of him to take the time out of his day to do so."

And Before he left, Ronnie gave Alex a personalized Chicago Bulls Jersey- so he's always remember this special day.

"What are you going to do with the jersey Ronnie gave you?' Hang it up. 'Where's it going to go?'  Right above my bed." adds Alex. 

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