Hannahs Thankful for Dad's Pressure

A story told by TNT courtside reporter Lewis Johnson during Friday's telecast of Arkansas' NCAA Tournament first round win over Seton Hall raised some eyebrows in the national media and on social media. Speaking on-air to broadcast announcers Brian Anderson and Chris Webber, Johnson recalled the details of a story Razorback guard Dusty Hannahs told him about missing several shots at a recreation center as a kid and coming home to find that his dad had locked him out of the house while leaving a basketball outside on the court, a not so subtle reminder that he needed to work more on his shooting.

This would not be the only time that happened but Hannahs told Anderson that he learned to be tougher on himself because of the approach Gerald Hannahs took in pushing him to be where he is today.

Yahoo Sports basketball writer Kevin Kaduk termed the revelation, "A little surreal and uncomfortable."

Similar reactions could be found on Twitter where @NCAAhoopsdigest posted, "That Dusty Hannahs dad story is still bugging me."

@RyanMahannaNBA added, "Dusty Hannahs' dad locking him out of the house w/bball on the porch is a classic hardo Dad move. Didn't make him a scholarship athlete, the genetics did."

Saturday, as Arkansas was preparing to face North Carolina on Sunday in the second round of the Greenville, South Carolina Regional, Hannah's, his dad and his mother were all asked by reporters to comment on the story as told by Anderson.

"I just think he (Gerald Hannahs) raised me great.  I mean obviously it worked," Dusty Hannah's said. "Made me a tough person, a tough player. Anyone saying otherwise, that it was bad parenting is, you know, their kids are probably going to be really soft. I guess that's just how people are now days."

Of the criticism he received from some on social media Gerald Hannahs said, "It didn't bother me a bit. Those people probably have some participation trophies in their house and got 'em up there. I don't. If I didn't win a trophy, I didn't want a second place trophy. That's just how I was brought up."

"I know my husband and I know Dusty,"  Lynette Hannahs added. "He wouldn't be what he was without half of me and half of Gerald and Gerald staying on him and helping. What a lot of people don't realize is there is tough love but there is love there to start with."

"He did it all out of love," Dusty Hannahs echoed, "and I'm indebted to him for what he did for me and I'm indebted to my mom. I think they both raised me perfectly."

"It's old school but I knew he'd back me up," Gerald Hannahs affirmed. "We're best friends."


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