Hog Recruiting Report from Vegas: Update Loaded with Hoops

Las Vegas, NV-

Three Arkansas Hawks committed to the Razorbacks set the tone for a long list of prospects in this week's Recruiting Report.

Here's the transcription from that Interview:

Drew Amman: "Back now to talk recruiting and as always our recruiting guy Richard Davenport joins us from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and WholeHogSports. Also you can follow him on Twitter. He is always there over @ArRecruitingGuy that is his Twitter handle. He is in Vegas. He's really caught up with a lot of hoops going on there over the weekend. Let's begin with three guys who are from the Arkansas Hawks, who have committed to the Razorbacks, Isaiah Joe, Ethan Henderson and Justice Hill, Richard?"


Richard Davenport: "Yeah they had a good run. They made it to the Sweet 16 of the Adidas Summer Championships. Obviously kind of disappointing to end their careers as Hawks. But they are excited about their next venture of being Razorbacks. They played well. Isaiah Joe is just an outstanding shooter. I've seen Daryl Macon at the same time when he was playing for the Hawks. He is a better shooter than Daryl Macon. Ethan Henderson is a very athletic kid that can get up and down the floor. A kid that has a ton of upside. Will continue to work on his  outside shot. If he perfects that he's going to be very very dangerous. Justice Hill just had a really good tournament. He really showed out against Team Loaded of North Carolina. Out-dueled two highly recruited guards and scored 25 points. So good time for the Hawks."


Drew Amman: "RD A guy that we saw in an Arkansas uniform not too long ago Anthlon Bell from Memphis, Tennessee. Now we are talking about T.J. Moss and he has an Arkansas offer. He is from Memphis. What is the deal with T.J. right now as far as recruiting goes. He is out of the 2018 class. Also plays for the Hawks."


Richard Davenport: "Yeah he says he is going to kind of narrow things down in August as far as who he is going to take official visits to. Arkansas will definitely get one of those official visits. Obviously playing with the Hawks he is hearing a lot about the Razorbacks from those three commitments. So I think that is a huge plus."


Drew Amman: "Looking down the road here let's talk about Moses Moody from the class of 2020 a North Little Rock guy, plays for Team Superstar South."


Richard Davenport: "I really like Moses. I think he'll probably get some offers out of this trip. He can do it all. He's a very smooth guard. 6'5" 170. He has an unbelievable wingspan, around seven feet at least. He has some of the longest arms I've seen. He can hit the three and he can do the mid-range. He can attack the basket. He's just got the "It" factor."


Drew Amman: "Let's get an update on Reggie Chaney. He is 6'7" , has an Arkansas offer."


Richard Davenport: "Yeah he is a power forward who I was able to see. Very athletic kid. Very mature body. About 230. Arkansas was just at about every game of his in Vegas. Like a lot of these kids we are going to be talking about a lot of them will start kind of narrowing things down after this weekend. Arkansas is definitely on his mind."


Drew Amman: "Alright Kaden Archie I understand picked up an offer in Vegas. What more about Kaden can you tell us?"


Richard Davenport: "He is about a 6'5", 6'6" small forward who can play the two or the three. He's always been interested in Arkansas. Arkansas has been on him for quite some time. He is very happy to get that offer. I think there is a good possibility you will see him visiting in August, September or October."


Drew Amman: "Jordan Phillips, 2018 class and he is out of Dallas Showtime Elite. But does not have an offer at this point right?"


Richard Davenport: "At this point. I tell you what I like his chances though. He is 6-7" 210 pounds. He absolutely put on a show in front of T.J. Cleveland in one of the games this week. He can do it all. He can handle the ball even though he is a bigger guard. Obviously can dominate smaller guards with his size and physicality. Keep an eye on him. I really like his chances for an offer."


Drew Amman: "Alright everything I am hearing about Eric Hunter Jr. who is out of the circle city of Indianapolis is that he really likes the style of play that Arkansas plays."


Richard Davenport: "Absolutely. He is another one that doesn't have an offer right now but I think it is a strong possibility that he gets one. His dad went to high school with Roosevelt Wallace, a former Razorback. He knows a lot about the program. He likes the style of play like you said. He can do it all. He's another one that put on a show in front of Scotty Thurman when he was watching him. I was at that game. I was so impressed with him."


Drew Amman: "Maureece Wren visited this past week. How did that visit go? He has Arkansas in his top 6."


Richard Davenport: "Went really well. I think he was pleasantly surprised with what he saw. He is going to announce his decision on Wednesday. I like Arkansas' chances."


Drew Amman: "Another football guy, tight end out of the 2018 class, he visited on Saturday that is Glen Beal."


Richard Davenport: "Oh he had a really good visit. Really was surprised by Arkansas. Really likes how Arkansas utilities the tight ends and puts them in the league. I think he is coming back for an official visit. Arkansas has definitely moved up on his list."


Drew Amman: "One of Beal's teammates is Donald Clay also out of the class of 2019 I should say. Beal from class of 2018. This is Clay I should say from 2019 he visited on Saturday."


Richard Davenport: "Yeah he visited with Beal and he had a really good time. He definitely wants to come back for another visit. He doesn't have an offer right now. He's got ten offers. Keep an eye on him. I think there's a good possibility something happens with him in the future."


Drew Amman: "Alright great stuff as always from Richard Davenport. Joining us from Vegas and we have much more on the Pigtrail. Coming up we will have a Razorback roundtable discussion about our top 25 most impactful Hogs in the 2017 season. Stay with us."



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