RECRUITING: Who is on the Hogs Radar? Richard Davenport has the Latest

Richard Davenport has the latest in recruiting in this conversation with Drew Amman:

Fayetteville, AR-

Drew Amman: "Hey we are back to talk recruiting as always with our recruiting guy Richard Davenport from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. RD let's begin with basketball. Some big news coming down after Brachen Hazen announced that he was going to transfer from the Hogs. A couple of days later Gabe Osabuohien decided he was going to commit to the Hogs and he is about 6-7, maybe 6-8 combo forward. What can you tell us about Gabe?"


Richard Davenport: "You know I said it once he announced his commitment I think Arkansas fans will look back on that day and think Arkansas got a steal in a year or two. I think they will realize what kind of quality basketball player he is. He is a guy that's very athletic. He fits in perfectly well with what coach Anderson wants to do. He's 6-7, 6-8 like you said. About 200 pounds. Has a seven foot wingspan. Obviously that length is huge. He can handle the ball very well. Obviously defensively he can do well. He is a very good rebounder. He wasn't asked to really score a lot for Little Rock Southwest Christan Academy this past season because they had so much talent. But he still had 11.7 rebounds. 4 assists on average. I think you are going to see a guy that he is going to fit in very well with the program. Like I said I think he's I think he's a steal."


Drew Amman: "In the trenches now as we talk football. Jalynn Strickland is who we are talking about now. 6-6, 305. Has more than twenty offers. I understand that he just announced that the Hogs are his leader on your radio show."


Richard Davenport: "Absolutely. Thursday night he said that Arkansas was his top school, followed by North Carolina State, Maryland and Minnesota. He plans to visit Arkansas June 2nd, this coming Friday. He plans to announce his decision July 4th. So you have to feel good about Arkansas' chances. He's going to be bringing his mother and step father with him. His mother is obviously focused on academics. Arkansas is one of the best academic support systems in the country. So I think that's a plus. He is definitely a guy to keep an eye on."


Drew Amman: "let's stay on the o-line. Jerome Carvin. Carvin is 6-5, 330. Has 23 scholarship offers. He is from Tennessee and the Hogs offered him a scholarship I understand on May 3rd?"


Richard Davenport: "Yeah I tell you what Arkansas is really working hard on him because Barry Lunney Jr., the tight ends coach visited his school earlier in the spring evaluation period. Coach Anderson was there earlier in the week. He plans to visit Arkansas pretty soon. He is a guy about 6-5, 330 pounds could play all five positions. Talking to him I think he's definitely interested in Arkansas and will obviously be a guy to keep an eye on too."


Drew Amman: "A running back Jeremy Gibson, 5-11, 200. He is a guy from Louisiana. The Hogs are going to take a look at this guy. They are going to make a visit to see Jeremy coming up."


Richard Davenport: "He is visiting Arkansas actually on June 2nd too. He has Arkansas as his leader. He said if everything goes well he will probably commit. So if you're looking for a guy to add to the commit list he is a strong possibility. We will see later this week."


Drew Amman: "DaShaun White, he is a linebacker. We will close DaShaun. This guy seems really athletic. Has the Hogs as one of his top seven schools. He's out of the state of Texas. A 4.56 40, Richard."


Richard Davenport: "Yeah and that was laser too which makes it even more impressive. He ran a 10.9 100 meters at one time. So he is a very athletic outside linebacker. Would fit in perfectly well what Arkansas wants to do defensively. He visited April 29th with mother. Definitely very high on Arkansas. Wants to make a return visit. I think obviously Arkansas is in the hunt with being one of the top seven schools."


Drew Amman: "Great stuff as always from Richard Davenport. RD from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and WholeHogSports. RD thanks so much. We are back to talk with Razorback legend Sidney Moncrief. Mike Irwin has that story next."


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