Hogs Concentrate On Mental Discipline As The Practice Field Heats Up.

Until this week the weather had been unusually cool as Razorback coaches put their players through the first two weeks of pre-season camp. With conditions more typical of what they will likely face in the season opener on the plains of Eastern Alabama the Razorbacks this week are working on the mental discipline needed to avoid costly mistakes against Auburn.

This is especially important for Arkansas defense which will be facing Gus Malzahn's Hurry Up No Huddle Offense which is designed to fatigue opponents. Tired players are generally more mistake prone.

Defensive coordinator Robb Smith and senior nickel back T.Q. Coleman talked the Razorback Nation about facing Auburn's potent offense in the Hogs' season opener.

"You just focus on execution," Smith said. "The tempo, control the things you can control. If they're lined up and ready top play we've got to be to be lined up and ready to execute."

"Their game plan is really simple," Coleman added. "They just kind of speed it up as lot. They run about a play every ten to twelve seconds, So doing that is to get you
 tired and you're not thinking. You just have to be disciplined and do your job and they're an easily beatable team."

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