Hogs Offense Embracing Summer Workouts

" This summer is crucial for any team, really. Getting a lot of player work without the coaches getting a hand on you all the time." says Quarterback Brandon Allen.

No coaches, no official practices. This summer, offensive team leaders like Brandon Allen and Jonathan Williams embracing the chance to get better all on their own.

"Just trying to become a better leader, and help this team prosper." adds Running Back Jonathan Williams.

"It's a good time for us to come together as a team and for us to host our own throwing and o-line doing their drills, so its a good time for us to come together and for the leaders to step up in the summer."

And every position on the offense is ready to do their part.

"Last summer we had a huge summer in the weight room, and im just excited to get back in there and get back in our rhythm of really getting stronger as an offensive line. That's kind of something we take pride in as the big guys on the team, and we're excited to really go in there and push some weight around." adds Offensive Linemen Brey Cook.

"Just continue to work, you know, work on our craft, work on the things we've been working on. The summer, workouts, just getting better at our craft and everything we do." adds Wide Receiver Keon Hatcher.

"This summer I think we need to improve on our passing game a lot. We've got to continue to improve in seven-on-seven and in teamwork." continues Tight End Hunter Henry.

The biggest focus this summer is unity- making sure everyone knows and understands exactly what's expected. An issue that hurt them last season.
" You know, I think at times we were kind of scrambling last year, and I dont think there was always 11 guys that knew exactly what they were doing every play." adds Henry.

"When we have everyone working together and everyone doing the right thing every single play we are tough to stop. So I think this summer, getting everything right we are a tough offense when we are clicking and have all 11 guys on the field doing what they are suppose to. So I think for us to be successful we need to have that." adds Allen.

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