Kareem Reid IN-STUDIO: Special Weekend for the Former Razorback



Catching up with Kareem Reid:

Here's the transcription from that interview:


Fayetteville, AR-

Drew Amman: "We've got former Razorback on the show, Kareem Reid. Thanks for coming by the studio. A big weekend for you too, special time. Graduated, just tell me about the emotions what it was like to get the degree.


Kareem Reid: "Man. I started here in '93 and now its 2017 and I'm coming back. Seems like it was yesterday, coming back to this place with the expansion but just getting the support from the athletic department the basketball coach anderson giving me a chance to come back to get my degree."


Drew Amman: "When you think about all the people that've influenced you, what goes through your mind?"


Kareem Reid: "You think about it, I mean growing up in New York City just a kid from Burnside avenue, it was amazing I never thought this would be my start in Arkansas. Getting recruited by probably every major college and university in the country. Have a chance for the Razorbacks to see me and see my talents, getting to display my talents, for the state of Arkansas has been great." 


Drew Amman: "Nolan Richardson, what has he meant to you?"



Kareem Reid: "He's meant everything. Nolan Richardson was you know coach richardson and coach anderson have been father figures actually. You know me growing up single parent, not having a father. Coach Richardson come into the streets of New York and get me, it was a great blessing and him just telling me that it's going to be a family out here. I think that's what, not to knock on any other universities, when coach Richardson said it it meant something to me. Then me coming down here and seeing this place in '93, how it was with the fans and the state getting behind you, just a dream come true." 


Drew Amman: "You played eight years overseas, what was that experience like?"


Kareem Reid: "It was different. The language, the culture and just the every day living. Trying with the time difference and the salary game it was different. You know, a kid coming out of college never been overseas before, and my first time was Turkey that was like "wow" that was a shock. But it was like well I just did four years, five years, in August overseas so I think this got me situated here for the overseas. Not like a lot of nightlife, and things like that so it was the transition that was great for me actually."


 Drew Amman: "Now we talked about the assists. You're the all-time leader at the school. When you look at the guys here currently, a couple guys that just came back, Jaylen Barford and Daryl Macon,  those two guys. Macon lead the team in assists, Barford was second, the style they're playing right now, how critical is it that those two guys come back for their senior season?"


Kareem Reid: "It's real critical knowing that with me looking at the AAU circuit and things like that . Just looking at the SEC top to bottom, and the new additions of coaches and players that it's going to be a real tough SEC season. So of course you're going to need some veteran guards. So what else to do with Macon and Barford coming back for their senior campaign to lead this team with a couple of additions that we're going to really need."



Drew Amman: "Did you watch the North Carolina game closely?"


Kareem Reid: "One of my best friends at Carolina and the last two times we've been in the tournament it's been North Carolina." 


Drew Amman: "Seems like it's all the time! Living in Fayetteville, what are your goals what are some of your aspirations?" 


Kareem Reid: "Well my goals and aspirations were actually coming back to school like I did and graduation was this past Saturday. And helping the community. Actually helping the kids, and giving them a chance to live a life that I lived maybe more of the basketball tip, just picking my brain, or just being around the kids and being around the program. Of course I have to give a shoutout to the AAO program, they've been like my extended family here. You know, helping me with things I want to do in the basketball world."



Drew Amman: "Great seeing you man. Kareem Reid in studio here. You just being here I want to go watch some of those highlight reels."


Kareem Reid: "I do it a lot too! The kids see it all the time because at first they didn't know who I was and I don't go around boasting and bragging. But now their parents actually I went to school with some of their parents or family members so when they find out Kareem Reid is their coach now they are going on YouTube and stuff like that. So the next day I get coach I didn't know. It is just me being modest. That's me. That's me."


Drew Amman: "Go look it up."


Kareem Reid: "Go google it."


Drew Amman: "Kareem Reid former Razorback. We are back with recruiting after this. Alyssa Orange and Richard Davenport joining us."





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