"Never Seen Anything Turn So Quickly In All Three Phases" - Bret Bielema

Va Tech 35 Arkansas 24 - Uncut Post Game/Bret Bielema

Charlotte, NC - Watch video above to hear what Bret Bielema had to say following the Hogs loss to Virigina Tech

Arkansas HC Bret Bielema: "Never seen the tide turn so quickly in all three phases—offense, defense, special teams."

Bielema: I’m very disappointed. I apologize to the fans who made the trip that we couldn’t close this thing out.

Bielema: It’s not OK to accept this.

BB on momentum swing: There's quite a few plays where you can point to

BB: I apologize to everybody who made the trips, family and fans that we weren't able to finish this one out

BB: As long as I've coached, you run  the ball into the end zone, you don't reach

BB: We made uncharacteristic busts in the 2nd half

Bielema: The second half has been our melting point. I will address that in the offseason... Says he'll look at everything "A-Z

Bielema: "It's 100 percent my responsibility."

Bielema: I was told Drew Morgan spit in a guy’s face. … Very embarrassing.

Bielema: We all got rattled. There wasn't one person on the sideline playing as well as they did in the first half.

Bielema: (Jeremy Sprinkle) made a decision that makes no sense whatsoever....It's an immature mind making an immature mistake.

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