Razorback Nation Recruiting Report 8-3

  Richard Davenport has the latest in the world of Razorback recruiting in this week's, Pig Trail Recruiting Report.

Chris Frye:  "The top story coming out late Saturday night Ty Storey signing his financial aid agreement. He is eligible to come on campus now for the Razorbacks starting in the spring of 2015. Give us an update on that."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Recruiting Writer Richard Davenport: "Well the advantage of that is you know before that it is very limited contact between coach Bielema, coach Chaney with Ty. Ty always has to call them. Now with that agreement the coaches can call him at any time. So that is really big. That is the main advantage of that and also it does kind of send a signal this kid is committed to us. He is signing on the dotted line and also it just allows better communication. It also sends a signal to the other recruits, hey I am coming to be a Razorback you need to join me. That is something Ty does a lot. He recruits other guys, wants to help the program and I think that is just going to be a plus plus for both sides."

Chris Frye:  "Alright moving along to a pair of big linemen. One one the offensive side, the other on the defensive side. Both getting ready to take their official visits to the university. Offensive line Pat Allen out of Maryland and Reggie Walker a defensive end out of Louisiana."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Recruiting Writer Richard Davenport: "Yeah Pat is an offensive lineman like you said who has 29 offers. He could visit a lot of different schools. Arkansas will be one of his official visits. He will visit for the Alabama game. Great relationship with coach Pittman and has really developed that relationship to the point he said he just couldn't turn Arkansas down for an official visit. So that is really big. Reggie Walker is a defensive end out of Louisiana. Who is very similar size to former Razorback Chris Smith. Very similar play too. 4.5 speed. 6'2" 230. He plans to make an official visit to Arkansas. He has Arkansas in his top two right now. He is just a play maker on defense. Could possibly play linebacker if needed."

Chris Frye:  "Alright let's switch gears to basketball now and Mike Anderson trying to build a fence around the state of Arkansas. We are going to talk about a lot of in state recruits here. Let's talk about a pair of big men starting first with sophomore S.K. Shittu. He is 6'9" out of Rogers Providence Christian, a small school up in Rogers. Also Daniel Gafford, 6'10" out of El Dorado."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Recruiting Writer Richard Davenport: "Yeah I tell you what. I was just amazed at the young talent at the Arkansas camp yesterday. S.K. he just moved to the United States back in October from Nigeria. Very he is probably the most athletic kid regardless of position that I saw at 6'9" 185 pounds. A guy that is very raw but I think he has a very very high ceiling and definitely someone to keep and eye on. His athletiscm is already there and it is only going to be enchanced over the next few years. Daniel is 6'10" 201. He will be a sophomore at El Dorado. He is a guy that really stood out also. Played well with his back to the basket and also faced up pretty good. He is just another young guy that you have got to keep and eye on. Two of them to be at 6'9" and 6'10" at that age you have to figure they are going to continue to grow. It is exciting that they are in state guys."

"Let's talk about a pair of juniors with Fayetteville guard Payton Willis and DeShawn Williams our of Maumelle."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Recruiting Writer Richard Davenport: "Yeah Payton is 6'4" 165. He is a guy that is going to play point for Fayetteville this year. He played the off guard last year. I think that is going to increase his stock. Arkansas obviously likes him. DeShawn Williams is a 6'1" shooting guard out of Maumelle who played at Prime Prep last year. Obviously that school shut down but he'll be back. He has offers from Arkansas, Connecticut and TCU. He will be a junior."

Chris Frye:  "Your quick thoughts on freshman Ethan Henderson. A 6'6" forward out of Little Rock Parkview."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Recruiting Writer Richard Davenport: "Okay he is just going into his freshman year at Little Rock Parkview. 6'6" 160. I know Arkansas Hawks coach Bill Ingram thinks he is going to be a very special player and after seeing him yesterday I can understand. I think he is going to be very highly recruited."

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