Razorback National Signing Day Recap

 The Arkansas coaching staff moved mountains to get these 24 players to join the Razorback football family for National Signing Day.
  It took a lot of convincing and patience on the part of Bret Bielema.... but his message to these players...was crystal clear.   
"What our staff has done is recruit the right player.  Someone that can fit here at Arkansas." says Bret Bielema

 Despite a 3-9 record and going winless in the SEC last season, Bret Bielema's sales pitch to prospective recruits was simple....2012 was a stepping stone to even greater things in the future. 
"We're a team that's on the rise in the SEC and want to be able to make a big transition from a year ago, to where we're going this year.  If they want to be apart of that, that jumped out to you right away." says Bielema

 And jumping at a chance to rebuild a tradition with Hogs... was four early enrollees...Rafe Peavey, Jared Cornelious, Cody Hollister and Chris Murphy   
"When I was going thru the process, I always wanted to go to a program what I could help bring it back to prominence.  And I think this is the perfect place to do it." says Chris Murphy
"Coach B has a great history of recruiting guys that believe in and want to win." says Jared Corneilous
"To me, it just means getting excited, because I want to be apart of it.  Apart of something special." says Cody Hollister
"Some kids, if they start talking about they don't want to be apart of a rebuilding project or doing something... boom... it's an easy thing to dismiss yourself from.  So, it was a nice way to kind of filter out guys that weren't in it for the long haul.  They didn't want to be apart of something that they built.  If they're looking for the ready made...it probably wasn't the right answer." says Bielema

 But the question remains on how much of an impact this class will make on the program in the next four years.

"I know the sky's the limit for this class and we've got a bunch of guys that know how to work and have got a lot of talent.  I just can't wait to be coached up by this coaching staff  and see where it takes us." says Rafe Peavey

 Arkansas' recruiting class isn't flashy or full of 5-star caliber talent.
  In fact, there are only four, 4-star recruits total for Arkansas.. finishing with a national ranking of 28th according to Rivals.com.
  But if you ask Bielema...he'll tell you, the only ranking he's concerned with...is the one at the end of the football season.

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