RECRUITING: Get Details on Prospects Hosted by Hog Football over the Weekend

Fayetteville, AR-

Drew Amman: R.D., Richard Davenport joining us now. We are back on the Pig Trail show to talk about recruiting and Richard is from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. R.D. let's begin by talking a little bit more about basketball and that refers to Hog hoops commit Jalen Harris from New Mexico. He will have to sit out the 2017-18 season. This guy had 25 steals last season. He likes the uptempo game that Arkansas plays. T.J. Cleveland, he's been all over this guy. 


Richard Davenport: No doubt. He recruited Jalen a little bit back in high school but obviously that previous relationship kind of helped Arkansas a little bit from the get-go when he announced his decision to leave New Mexico. He fell in love with Arkansas' family atmosphere. Just felt very comfortable with coach Cleveland, coach Anderson and the players. Just fit in. His parents also said the same thing. They felt comfortable there at Arkansas and he pulled the trigger right there in the middle of his official visit. He did that Friday night. He didn't leave 'till Saturday so obviously Arkansas made a quick and positive impression on him.


Drew Amman: Alright, talking football now and let's get to Emmit Gooden because he is highly recruited. We're talking about a guy with fifteen offers. He's at 6-4, 320. He plays on the D-line.


Richard Davenport: He visited Arkansas. Knows McTelvin Agim from back in high school. Both of those guys were going through the recruiting process. He hung out with McTelvin. Had a really good time. He said the highlight of the visit was really getting to know coach Bielema. He understands more about what he stands for and what he has planned for him and I think that really caught his attention. Being from Independence Community College in Kansas, it's not that far away. He says he plans to make several more visits to Arkansas in the future. He says the visit definitely helped Arkansas'' chances with him.


Drew Amman: Alright, lets' go to a linebacker now, DaShaun White, 6-1, 210. He was offered by Arkansas during his visit. He's had some talks with Chad Walker. 


Richard Davenport: Very Impressed with coach Walker, especially his energy level. Anybody that's been around coach Walker knows he's got a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm and I think that rubbed off on DaShaun. He also was impressed with coach Bielema. Just the overall atmosphere of the football program. He's looking forward to coming back. He said he's going to announce his top schools probably in a week or two and Arkansas will definitely make that list. They were driving back from Fayetteville, going back home and one of his friends commented jokingly about him committing to Arkansas and his mother spoke up and said, "Yeah." So she obviously was very impressed and could see him possibly being a Razorback. 


Drew Amman: Let's go thirty seconds on this guy: Quarterback Gary Bohanon has an offer from Arkansas. Duel threat quarterback, he is an in-state prospect. 


Richard Davenport: He visited Arkansas Friday and Saturday. Arkansas is definitely in his ear about playing quarterback. I think that's what he wants to hear. He wants to play quarterback at the next level and you have to give Conner Noland a lot of credit. He was there on Saturday. He's trying to get Gary on board too and Gary's just a great, great athlete. Could definitely help at quarterback but he's one of those guys that Arkansas understands. He's a top prospect in the state and they want to keep him in state.


Drew Amman: Big fella we're talking about here. Offensive tackle Darrell Simpson, 6-7, 330. Has Arkansas in his top eight. 



Richard Davenport: He, like a lot of people that are are not from the state of Arkansas, they drive up to Fayetteville on (I) 49 and see those mountains, they're not used to all those mountains. He said he really enjoyed it from the scenery standpoint, some of the best scenery he's ever seen, but also driving across some of those bridges he was pretty scared about the heights, I guess you could say. Very impressed with the coaching staff. I think Arkansas definitely helped themselves this weekend with Darrell.


Drew Amman: Alright, we'll see if, in fact, he becomes a Tex-Hog. That is Darrell Simpson and of course that is R.D., Richard Davenport,  from WholeHogSports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. We're talking former Hogs Dallas Keuchel and Joe Johnson after this.




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