Recruiting Recap: Six in Highly-Touted Class Headed to the Hill

Drew Amman: This is our recruiting report. As always we are joined by our recruiting guy. That is Richard Davenport. R.D. from our Little Rock Studio, KARK 4 and R.D. let's begin with those six guys that just recently signed with the University of Arkansas in basketball. Let's start with Ethan Henderson. I had an opportunity to see him play during a workout at the Fayetteville Boys and Girls club not too long ago. I knew right away, this guy, he was getting huge interest, including the likes of Notre Dame.


Richard Davenport: Yeah, he's extremely athletic. A guy that you see with a potential to add weight. He's going to have to do that. Get a little stronger but his athleticism is very, very good. He'll get a lot of rebounds. A lot of putback baskets and he'll also hopefully extend his shooting range. If he does that it just makes his game go to another level because it makes him a lot more difficult to defend.  


Drew Amman: Alright, the big thing we always talk about with Reggie Chaney is that he is such a physical specimen.  You look at him and right away he just looks the part. You kind of use a comparison, even though it's not an exact parallel, I always hear Bret Bielema say when Santos Ramirez walks in the room he's like, He looks the part of a safety. In this case it's Reggie Chaney in basketball. He just looks the part of a physical forward.


Richard Davenport:  No doubt, 6-8, 230 pounds. Very chiseled. Always said his physical maturity is beyond his years. He looks like he's a 4th year or 5th year senior in college. Even some people have asked him if he plays in the NBA because he's so physically developed. Obviously he'll continue to do that at Arkansas. Very athletic. Very bouncy type of power forward. A guy that can obviously be very physical in the paint but also can extend a little farther away from the paint. One thing that he does that I really like that you don't see too much of now a days with kids in today's game, he uses the glass and I really like that. Especially with big guys down low.        


Drew Amman: Yeah, always the best friend of Bill Walton perhaps. Using that backboard.  Jordan Phillips. Let's talk about him quickly. Just the fact that this guy, he probably could add versatility, play multiple positions perhaps.


Richard Davenport: No doubt. Arkansas looks at him as a guard/forward, 6-7, 210 pounds. Very physical. He's definitely a mismatch for smaller guards. When I saw him in Vegas guys were just bouncing off him because he had about 20, 30 pounds on most of the guards that were trying to defend him.  He's got a good outside shot. Goes to the basket very well. Very underrated ball handler so he can play the 1, 2, or the 3 or the 4. That's how versatile he is.


Drew Amman: Okay let's talk about the journey of Keyshawn Embery because he's out of IMG Academy but tell me a little bit more about his recruiting process and how it all transpired to where he picked Arkansas.


Richard Davenport:  Well, you've got to give coach Anderson and coach Cleveland a lot of credit. They really connected with him. He fell in love with Arkansas when he visited Arkansas for the first time last year and that kind of got things rolling.  He had over 20 offers. Very highly recruited. A great pickup.


Drew Amman: Alright we'll close, about 40 seconds. I'll combine these two because they are guards. Isaiah Joe and Desi Sills, and we've talked so much about these guys, being from the Arkansas Hawks. What do you think they will bring to the table?


Richard Davenport:  Well Isaiah Joe is without a doubt one of the best outside shooters I've seen in summer basketball over the years. Daryl Macon, saw him when he played for the Arkansas Hawks. He's a better shooter than Daryl Macon. He's also a very under-rated ball handler and defender. I think his upside is tremendous. Desi Sills is a high energy guy that Arkansas fans will fall in love with. He really embraces the defensive stopper role. He'll be on the best scorer most likely when he's at Arkansas. Another thing, he's fearless going to the basket and he's got a nice outside jumper too. 


Drew Amman: And to recap, six very talented guys join the Arkansas program officially. Alright, R.D., Richard Davenport from Whole Hogs Sports and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. We'll have more on Frank Ragnow and Jared Cornelius after the break.     

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