RN Arkansas-Auburn Defensive Breakdown

By Chris Frye | cfrye@knwa.com

Published 08/31 2014 05:56PM

Updated 08/31 2014 05:59PM

Inspite of giving up close to 600 yards on offense, Arkansas' Defense has improved from last season.

  They forced Auburn to three punts on Saturday.  That in itself is a victory for most teams.
  But when the hogs failed to make those stops, that ultimately decided this contest.

  94- Taiwan Johnson-Sophomore Defensive Tackle:  "Making mistakes and big plays really killed us... and we've got to limit those."

  And that in a nutshell, was the two overlying themes of Saturday's game for the Hogs defense.   Long runs that gashed the Razorbacks front seven.  And the pass game...which Auburn took advantage of busted coverages and missed assignments from the Arkansas secondary.
  Bret Bielema- Arkansas Head Coach:  "One of the things we really talked about playing this offense...your eyes have to have great discipline.  They're going to take you to your reads and reactions.  The speed of the game and just the pure uhm... reading keys and reaction, it looked like we were a little bit slow on pass defense at times."

  Despite the miscues.. Arkansas managed to hold the Tigers to 21, first half points.  But the gameplan changed in the second with Auburn starting quarterback, Nick Marshall returning to the lineup.  His effectivness running the zone read, led to dozen of missed tackles from the Razorbacks, which resulted in 234 rushing yards in the half alone.
  86- Trey Flowers- Sr. Defensive End:  "Marshall came in and it was more like back on the option and he kind of kept it sometimes and hurt us there."

  Bret Bielema- Arkansas Head Coach:  "Such an emphasis on ball disruption.  And just a lot of guys...should have been solidifying the tackle a little bit more, rather than trying to strip the ball out.  We got some balls out and all of that jazz but, too many yards after contact overall."
Arkansas wasn't the first victim to experience Auburn's domination on offense.  But Saturday's game did prove that this defense has improved.

  27- Alan Turner- Sr. Safety:  "It just shows that we've got to keep pushing.  We can't fall off in the 2nd half. We did some good things in the 1st and in the 2nd half, we didn't keep doing those things."
  47- Martrell Spaight- Sr. Linebacker:  "You can see with the team that we're one whole unit.  "We're playing as a whole.  You can see that we have a lot of potential going into this season.  One game won't make us and one game won't break us."

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