RN Recruiting Report Top Heavy with Linebackers

Frisco, TX-

Here's the transcription from our interview with Richard Davenport from the Opening Dallas Regional Camp:

Drew Amman 

  Back to talk recruiting and here to talk with our recruiting guy 

Richard Davenport from whole hog sports and the arkansas democrat gazette.

Richard is attending an event in Frisco Texas that has been a lot of fun, for him, this weekend, let's get more on that right now.  Richard how bout it?


Richard Davenport

Yeah I was at the Dallas Opening Regional with about 500 prospects here. Arkansas probably had about 20 that I was following.  Bumper Pool was named the Linebacker MVP of the Regional which was big because there was a lot of lot of talent here at all positions, especially linebacker. He had an incredible interception during the camp part, and really showed well, really represented Arkansas well.  He was showing off his Razorback gear during breaks.


Yeah and specifically more on Bumper what can we look for out of the Class of 2018 as far what kind of linebacker he is.


Well he's an inside guy whose very physical and matter of fact one of the instructors had to tell him to kind of tone it down a bit today.  He's very aggressive and he's guy that just makes plays.  

I think that's why he was named the MVP of the linebacker crew today because he kept making play after play after play.


Also in this report a linebacker Alston Orji from Texas.  We've talked about him before, he's from Rockwall Texas, the great thing is this is a four star on the Hogs' Radar.


Yeah he was here today and he was still talking highly of Arkansas, he and his brother, visted Arkansas for a game last fall.  He plans to visit Arkansas pretty soon he said. He's still very interested very impressed with Arkansas' support system, and thinks that he would fit in academically at Arkansas.  That's huge with him because when you say a guy is a huge academic guy is a big academic guy.  He is very serious about his academics.


Another Linebacker Byron Hobbs, and Byron is from Fort Worth Texas and he has an offer from Arkansas, right?


Yeah got an offer from Arkansas on Wednesday, his father is from Arkansas, he attended the University of Arkansas.  His grandfather still lives in Little Rock.  Both his father and his grandfather were absolutely thrilled about the offer.  He plans to visit Arkansas as soon as possible.

He was another one of the top linebackers here at the Dallas Regional, and really showed well.  He and Bumper made the cut for the top linebackers in the seven on seven competition.


About 30 seconds on Miles Battle as we go to the offensive side of the football, he is from Houston Texas.  He is a three star.


Yeah he's got 24 offers.  He was the MVP of the wide receivers here at the Dallas Opening Regional, 

and he is very interested in the University of Arkansas.  Coach Bielema is one of only three head coaches that communicates with him and he says that really has made an impact on him.  He plans to get up to Fayetteville.


30 more seconds here on Darrell Simpson as we talk about the offensive line.  He's a tackle and one thing that really jumps out, this kid is six seven.


Big kid, big kid.  He was here and showed real well.  He made the final five on the O-Line that went against the final five from the D-Line. He's been communicating a lot with Kurt Anderson. He plans to visit Arkansas probably in the spring, but he still says he's very interested in the Hogs.


 Again we'll keep an eye on Darrell Simpson, again, he is a tackle, six seven, 330.  Richard Davenport joining us on the phone tonight.  Thanks very much Richard.  We'll talk more about Jonathan Holmes who had a fallaway jumper that was very memorable in the Hog Hoops win Saturday over Georgia.  That's after this.


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