SEC Network Debuting in August

"We announced it a little over a year ago, and the amount of progress between now and then has been just awesome to watch it all come together." says Justin Connolly- ESPN Senior Vice President.

The SEC Network making it's debut on August 14th- bringing a whole new dynamic to watching Arkansas athletics. Things kick off with South Carolina vs Texas A&M- then picks up Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

"Auburn coming off a SEC Championship at home and Arkansas visiting them, it's. there's just going to be an energy there that I think is important for us to capture." adds Connolly.

The new network teaming up with each SEC university to cover more than just the major sports..

"Little elements that will be specific to Arkansas- They have a incredible job of building out their capabilities to produce content on campus, and looking forward to showing folks the investment that's been done, locally and at Arkansas specifically when we get into a lot of the Olympic sports on campus."

And the ability to showcase to the rest of the country whats its like to be a part of Razorback Athletics.

"Whether it be talent, or whether it be students that are connected from a particular location to get that flavor out there of a game at Arkansas it might look a little different and feel a little different than a game at Florida for example."

There is a lot of excitement leading up to the launch of the SEC Network- but one concern remains. accessibility. Right now only Dish, At&t U-Verse and Google Fiber subscribers will get the SEC Network come August.

"I think the important thing is for fans to reach out to their distributor. Let them know they want the network. Fans can go and kind of sign on and connect with us,  at SEC and obviously we are going to communicate up to launch with timely information on all distribution deals we have." continues Connolly.

Arkansas' first two football games of the 2014 season will air on the SEC Network, Arkansas vs Auburn and Nicholl State Vs Arkansas. Both games are a 3pm start.

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