Several Big Recruits Expected At Alabama Game (Recruiting W/ Richard Davenport)

Richard Davenport of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette joins our Aaron Peters for the latest in Razorback recruiting. Athletes featured this week include four (football), one (women's hoops). Football athletes: De Troy James (Class of 2017), Maleek Williams (RB, Committed to Ark.), Lawrence Keys III (Class of 2018, WR) and Amari Burney (Class of 2018, Athlete). Basketball: Christyn Williams (Class 2018, Guard). 



Aaron Peters
"Alright, the Razorback Nation Pigtrail Show is back and the trail now leads us to our KARK studios in Little Rock, where we find our recruiting guy Richard Davenport. You can read his stuff in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette or just log on to Wholehogsports. Alright Richard, let's talk football. Bama coming up Saturday. Going to be a big game not only on the field, but also for recruiting. Let's talk about De Troy James and also Maleek Williams. Two very important recruits that will be at that game."
Richard Davenport
"Yeah, I think Arkansas is going to have about six or seven guys as far as official visitors on Saturday and there are two of them. Troy is currently committed to Kansas. He is a defensive end slash guys who could play inside too. He visited Arkansas during the summer. He just wants to come back and experience the Razorback Nation again, and I think Arkansas sits very well with him. I think Arkansas has a chance to flip him from Kansas. Then Maleek, obviously he committed to Arkansas after visiting the hogs back in the summer. He can't wait to get back to Fayetteville. He is very excited. He had a really big day, big night Friday night. 14 carries, 243 yards, four touchdowns and one of them was 96 yards. And here is a guy that is kind of a combination of power and speed, so it will be a big weekend in Fayetteville, not only on the field, but off."
Aaron Peters
"all right, now let's look ahead to the 2018 class, with a wide receiver named Lawrence Keys III, and then Amari Burney, they have him listed as an athlete."
Richard Davenport
"Yeah both of these guys are 2018 class again, with Arkansas having 19 commitments from the 2017 class, it affords them a lot more time to focus on the 2018 class, and these are two key targets. Lawrence is a very elusive receiver that can really make things happen. He wants to visit Arkansas sometime this fall, but if he doesn't, he said he is definitely coming in the summer. Amari is a guy that Arkansas is recruiting as a receiver. Most schools are recruiting him as a safety. He is definitely on of the top prospects in the state of Florida, and he has got 16 offers. He is going to talk it over with his parents and see about trying to get up to Fayetteville. Coach Bielema reached out to both of these guys on September 1. September 1st, the first day that coaches could reach out to Jr. prospects and that really impressed both of them."
Aaron Peters
"Let's hope Amari wants to be a receiver and that might help Arkansas's chances. Switch it over to the hard court. Alright, Christyn Williams, people are calling her the best women's basketball recruit out of the state of Arkansas ever. Is that true? And of course Arkansas is recruiting her."
Richard Davenport
"Yeah, no doubt. Well if you go by ESPN rankings, she is the number one guard in the country and number 2 overall prospect in the nation, and if you go back and look at some of the previous girls in the state that were ranked by ESPN, the closest one was ranked number 8 overall, so she has 27 offers. She has narrowed it down to 7. Arkansas is one of them. She has been entertaining several of the schools in home visits. Coach Dykes and an assistant made an in home visit and you know, with all the options she has, it's going to be a fight. There's no doubt about it, but I would never discount the chances of Arkansas. Jimmy Dykes is the head coach. I think she is a game changer. She could come in and really help you take that program to the next level and also he wants her to come and also attract other girls to the program, so it'll be a huge get, She won't be making a decision until about this time next year."
Aaron Peters
"Well Arkansas is in her top 7, so that is a start. Thank you very much Richard Davenport. Again, you can read his stuff on the Arkansas Democrat Gazette or just log on to Wholehogsports. Our very own Mike Irwin had a very special night Saturday night as he received an EMMY and gave a speech brought tears to the people's eyes. We will talk about it next."

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