Week One Recap Of Arkansas Training Camp

"I told those guys at the beginning of the week like I told you guys, I want to know who our football players are and I think that kind of showed up a lot this week." says Head Football Coach Bret Bielema.

Picking up where they left off in the summer- the first week of training camp for the Hogs all about continuing to build chemistry.

Brandon Allen, Junior Quarterback "The first couple of practices have been going really well for us. Seen a lot of good things from a lot of people. And we'll continue to improve from here."

Talking with the players and the coaches throughout the week- things at camp seem to be going in the right direction. Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney quick to point on his offense not performing to his liking on Wednesday, but turning things around again on Thursday.

"We were just sloppy, everywhere. It's like we put pads on, started playing and we forget all the details of our assignments."says Jim Chaney, Offensive Coordinator.

And the Wide Receivers- a weak spot last season- making huge strides early on.

"We are lining up right. We're going in motion. Kids just have a better understanding of our offense." adds Michael Smith, Wide Receivers Coach.

Everyone is eager to find out the guys who could be breakout players this season on the offensive side of the ball- but Chaney insisting that it's still too early.

"Right now I just think we've got some kids learning. Learning how to play fast and understanding their assignments. There is really nobody I want to single out at this time." continues Chaney.

Onto the defensive side of the ball- new coordinator Robb Smith very impressed early on with his new talent.

"Those guys, they're doing a great job preparing. I know they're putting in extra time, and they're just focusing on the details right now of our package and I think our older guys are doing a great job trying to help them learn and help them develop."  says Robb Smith, Defensive Coordinator.

In Saturday's scrimmage the offense stood out, especially through the air. The defense also with some shining moments of their own and overall Head Coach Bret Bielema happy with where his team stands only 7 days in.

"It may not be that apparent to you, but I know we are so much further along than we were a year ago at this time and it, that to me gets me really exciting." adds Bielema.

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