What Prospects Plan to Visit for the Red-White Game? Find out in the RN Recruiting Report

Fayetteville, AR-

Here's the transcription providing an update on Hog Recruiting with Richard Davenport:


Drew Amman: " RD Richard Davenport from Whole Hog Sports and the Arkansas Democratic Gazette joining us as always for our recruiting report. We are back on the Pig Trail and Richard let's begin with Alim McNeil a defensive lineman from Raleigh North Carolina. He's 6"2' and 270 he has more than 30 offers."


Richard Davenport: "Yeah coach John Scott Jr. the defensive line coach really working hard on him. One thing that he's really done is stay consistent in his contact with Alim, and he really appreciates that. Obviously he's from that region, he's a South Carolina native so he kind of has that little connection with him. He says he's going to visit Arkansas probably some time this summer. He has a lot of interest so obviously an elite athlete, an elite prospect, one of the best defensive lineman in the country."


Drew: "Lets stay in the trenches, and we're talking about defensive end, Nick Fulwider. This guy brings a lot of length, 6'7" 245, more than 25 offers for him. He is out of the state of Georgia."


Richard: "No doubt. Coach John Scott recruited Georgia when he was at Georgia Southern, so he's got a lot of ties there. He's made a good connection with Nick, and he's planning to visit the last time I talked to him, for the spring game which would be huge to get him on campus. Definitely, like you said, has that length. He's 245 right now at 6"7' obviously can add weight very athletic kid."


Drew: "Okay also up front we're talking about Emmit Gooden. He is a junior college defensive lineman. Now Emmit is 6"4' 320, he has 15 offers and I understand he's going to visit for the spring game."


Richard: "That's the plan, and get this and 320 pounds he's kind of a flat bill. I know it sounds a little crazy but if you look at some pictures of him and I even commented to him, that at 320 pounds he's got that flat stomach going and that's pretty amazing. Obviously very well put together. Coach John Scott and defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads visited his school on the first day that Arkansas was out which was Monday. That really made a big impression on him. He's really good friends with Jaylen Barford who played for the Hogs basketball team and he's told him good things about Arkansas so I think that kind of helped too. "


Drew: "Okay out of the windy city. This is a defensive end, Gavin McCabe from Chicago, 6"3' 255, has more than 20 offers."


Richard: "He visited Friday and Saturday. When I communicated with him Friday night he said the visit was awesome, he was blown away. He's familiar with Luke Ford, who's also from Illinois. Obviously Luke is already committed to Arkansas, and Luke has told him so many good things about the hogs and I think that really helped him and his interest in Arkansas. He's trying to get down to visit. So I really like Arkansas chances here especially after what happened this weekend."


Drew: "Okay offensive side of the football and we're talking about AJ Carter. A 6"1' 225 pound running back. I'm just going to leave it out there like this, what kind of running back is AJ?"


Richard: "He's a downhill guy and he's very interested in Arkansas because of the type of offense Arkansas operates. HE did commit to UCLA yesterday during a visit but he said he probably will still visit Arkansas. He told me the spring game was a possibility. If not the spring game, probably a little later. Even though he's committed, I think the interest level in Arkansas is high enough to get him on campus. "


Drew: "I'm going to give you about 30 seconds on this guy. We're talking about 2017 hoops guys right here. The first guy we'll start with is Gabriel Osabuohien and he is 6"8' 219 from Toronto Canada, but he is playing in Little Rock at Southwest Christian Academy. "


Richard: "I think Gabe, and all three guys that we're going to be talking about, are under-recruited. They visited Arkansas on Tuesday. Arkansas has interest in all three, but  Gabe I think has the potential to really shine in Arkansas type of style of play. He's advanced defensively, need to work a little bit on offense, but he's got the athleticism and skill set to play at that level."


Drew: "Lets talk about a shooting guard now, that is Avery Benson. He is from Springdale, Arkansas, 6"4' 175. What about him as far as being a two guard?"


Richard: "Well he's an excellent shooter and he's a lot more athletic than a lot of people think he is. He definitely goes strong to the basket. He reminds me of Dusty Hannah's in a lot of ways, excellent perimeter game, but also can take it to the basket and has good ball handling skills. Again, I think this guys, somebody is missing the boat on him if they don't extend an offer."


Drew: "Okay and you mention three guys so we'll end here with this guy from Serbia. I understand he's 6'10'? "


 Richard: "Yeah Mladen Armus. He's a guy that's very skilled, 6"10' 215. He can play inside out, being a European guy, he definitely has that outside shot. He can go beyond the three, he's very versatile. Again I think he's another guy who's just not getting the looks that I think he deserves. But time will tell, I think in another two-three years I'll be proven right or wrong."


Drew: "Alright, R-D thanks very much. Richard Davenport, Whole Hog Sports for the Arkansas Democratic Gazette. We're sitting down with J Will, Jonathan Williams. Gene Dumont has that story next on the Pig Trail."


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