Marissa's #RedKettleReason

The Salvation Army bells are the sound of the season! Bringing joy with a smile and the simple ring of a bell is an easy way to welcome the holidays and support a local organization that is Doing the Most Good. If you see our KNWA Today team out ringing bells, drop some change in our red kettle!

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Nate's #RedKettleReason

As a little boy, I thought it was so great to see the ringers for the Salvation Army. To me that meant Christmas was really here. The first time I really remember seeing the bell ringers I was going to a grocery store in Springdale with my mom. I asked her why they were ringing their bells. She explained to me that they were raising money for the folks who needed help. That stuck with me over the years. As I grew up and had money of my own, I've looked forward to sharing what I can as I walk by the bell ringers. I always get a good feeling from that. It doesn't matter if it's just what I had in my pocket or a larger gift. Giving simply feels good. And I encourage you to join in that feeling.

Chris's #RedKettleReason

Doing The Most Good. It's a theme that's remained constant year round for the Salvation Army, but even more so during the holidays. My best memories as a child was placing money inside those Red Kettles. It brought great joy to my heart knowing that I was helping someone less fortunate. Even today, that principal is the foundation in my life in Doing The Most Good for others. So join me in giving back this season. Your change, can create change in a person's life.

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Dan's #RedKettleReason

I ring the bell for the Salvation Army every year, because I know there are so many families in need of clothing, food, shelter during this holiday season.  Any additional money we can raise for these families will make their Christmas just a little brighter.  I truly want to DO THE MOST GOOD, and ringing the bell or having an online Red Kettle is a way to accomplish this goal.  Please donate to my kettle to help those in need and spread the love of Christ. 

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