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Ask an Expert: Advice from Robinson Law Firm

What is the difference between a bench trial and a jury trial?
"A bench trial's a case that is tried in front of a judge. The judge will make a decision based on the evidence that he or she hears and then make a final determination what ever the case may be," said Jon Robinson from Robinson Law Firm. "If you go to a jury trial, obviously it can be either civil or criminal. Criminal case is beyond a reasonable doubt you must prove innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. Civil case is a preponderance of the evidence. When you go in front of a jury the attorneys are there to initially ask a panel questions as to there qualifications to be jurors on that specific case. Then, if they are not excused they will randomly draw twelve folks to sit on the jury. At that point then you start with opening statements then you start with presenting evidence. When you go to the jury trial you are placing yourself within the hands of those twelve folks to make a decision to decide your case. They are the people that are going to say, this is what's going to happen and your attorney is there to convince and to help facilitate and convince those twelve jurors your side of the case."
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