Latest In Razorback Football Recruiting W/ Richard Davenport

Richard Davenport of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette joins our Aaron Peters for the latest in Razorback recruiting. Athletes featured today: Maleek Williams (RB), Josh Paul (LB), Troy James (DE), Nelson Mbanasor (DE), J'Marick Woods (S), Bumper Pool (LB) and Chevin Calloway (CB). 




Aaron Peters
"Alright, back on the Pigtrail, and the trail now leads us to our KARK studios in Little Rock. Richard Davenport is the recruiting guy. You can read hisstuff in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette or just log on to Wholeghogsports. Richard, last night, of course Alabama, big game for recruits to come and check out the atmosphere. Troy James, Nelson Mbanasor, and J'Marick Woods, those three are already committed to other schools, but Arkansas trying to flip them."
Richard Davenport
"Yeah and Arkansas did a good job. I mean, minus the football game, and you could look at that as a negative, but at the same time, they pretty much were impressed with the crowd and the atmosphere, but they had good visits. Troy James says Arkansas is number 2 on his list, behind Kansas, which only makes sense because he is committed to Kansas. He plans to visit them, along with North Carolina State, so it's going to be a while probably before we know about him. He talked about his mom wanting to come back and visit again. Which obviously, when mom's impressed, that's always a plus. Nelson Mbanasor committed to Oklahoma State coming into the visit, but he says he is really down to Akansas or Illnois and Texas Tech. Arkansas was his first official visit. He will visit the other two schools and make a decision probably later this month. Arkansasd really made a really good impression on him. Felt very very comfortable there. I know his dad was very impressed with the academic structure of Arkansas, so that's a real plus. And then J'Marick, I mean a great looking safety. He is a legitamite 6'3"-6'4". He is what you are looking for, as a rower back there in the defensive back field, he's committed to Michigan, but he said that the Arkansas visit was the best one he has had so far. He just felt very comfortable around the campus, the players, the coaches. Just felt like he was wanted, and I think that's a really big thing when you're a kid who has so many options. His parents came and they were very impressed, and they definitely approve of Arkansas."
Aaron Peters
"Well if momma aint happy, nobody's happy Richard. We all know that. Some other guys at the game in front of the 75,000 fans, Chevin Calloway is a cornerback at Bumper Pool 2018 guys as a linebacker, so a couple of defensive guys here."
Richard Davenport
"Yeah, and Bumper Pool, we talked about him almost every week almost. And the thing is he is at almost every game. Obviosuly, he has got strong ties to the University of Arkansas, because his dad had graduated there, and several other family members. He looks like he will be back for the Florida game. Chevin Calloway made an unofficial visit. He's a 2017cornerbacks, who is the number 8 cornerback in the country according to ESPN. He came up with his step father and his uncle, and his uncle is a big Razorback fan. He will come back for the LSU game for his official visit. So you've got two elite prospects right there, and you just hope that both of those guys jump om board at some point."
Aaron Peters
"Alright, finally, two more that are already committed to Arkansas. That's good news. Linebacker Josh Paul and then runningback Maleek Williams."
Richard Davenport
"Both of those guys made their official visits this weekend. Maleek, he was already sold on Arkansas, but he said he was 100% solid with the hogs after the visit. Just feels really comfortable with the surroundings and the coaches. He is very pleased with his decision. Josh Paul is a good looking linebacker. I think an oiutside linebacker. He's legitimate 6'2"-6'3". Nice frame. He will be able to puit on 20 pounds and really look good as an SEC linebacker. I really like both of these guys."
Aaron Peters
"Alright, Richard is the recruiting guy. Richard Davenport, you can read his stuff in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette or just log on to Wholehogsports. Thank you very much Richard. For all you viewers out there, please stick around. Special interview coming up next. Former hog Alex Collins, currently with the Seattle Seahawks. That's next."

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