Is Arkansas a 3 Star School?

Recruiting is always a major topic with Razorback fans. With National Signing Day fast approaching, the Pig Trail Nation took a deeper look into who Arkansas typically signs and what the players end up doing in their time with the Hogs.

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Since 2002, Arkansas' recruiting classes average out to 26.7. For comparison, Ole Miss checks in at 23.2 and Mississippi State at 30.0.

434 players have signed with the Razorbacks in the last 16 years. So who typically signs with Arkansas? 65% of those 400 plus players picking the Hogs are 3 star recruits.13.5% of those players go on to play in the NFL, with 7.4% earning All-SEC selections and 1.8% garnering All-America honors.

The second highest total? Four stars, which account for 15.7% of the players Arkansas has signed. 33.8% of those players earn NFL opportunities.10.3% earn All-American honors and 17.6% earn All-Conference honors.

Two star recruits make up 9.7% of Arkansas' history. When it comes to the NFL, they're nearly as successful as the four stars, getting to the league at a 33.3% rate. They drop off in the All-American honors, down to 2.4%. But, they actually make up a higher percentage of the All-SEC selections with 21.4%.

The players that 247 didn't deem good enough for a rating make up 8.8% of the signees, with only one player getting the honor to play in the league, none earning All-American honors and only 7.9% of players placing on the All-SEC teams.

Of course, we haven't forgotten about the five stars. Historically though, they seem to forget about Arkansas. Only four have signed to play with the Hogs, and only Darren McFadden has earned any kind of accolades.

At the end of the day, stars are really just something to talk about because for every five-star like Darren McFadden, there's a five-star like Darius Winston. For every four-star like Hunter Henry, there's a four-star like Anthony Oden. And let's not forget that guys like Jonathan Luigs and Mitch Petrus were considered two and zero star players, respectively.


*Players who transferred to Arkansas and the 2018 recruiting class are not factored into the stats listed above.

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