Brannon Rhine's Mother: "I Don't Think They Should Be Allowed To Work Anymore."

Brannon Rhine's Mother: "I Don't Think They Should Be Allowed To Work Anymore."

<br> <P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in"><font color=#000000><span style="font-family: Microsoft Sans Serif, sans-serif;"><font size=2>In an exclusive interview with KNWA's Channing Barker, April Hicks-Moore, Brannon Rhine's mother speaks out about what she thinks should be done with the construction site where her son died. </span></font></font></P>

"He would have been so much. He was just this tall, lanky, gorgeous boy who just basically had the world at his feet," said April Hicks-Moore. She lost her son in May when he died working at a construction site in Fayetteville, when a trench collapsed on him.

The construction company, Business Construction Services LLC, was fined $7,600 by OSHA on Wednesday for not complying with certain safety standards.

"I don't think that $76 million dollars is a price they could put on my son's life. They took a 20 year-old's life and took away all possibilities and all hope and all everything that he had. There's not a dollar amount you could put on it," said April.

April said the construction company should be held responsible for her son's tragedy, even though witnesses say Brannon jumped into the trench on his own. She said he just started the job and didn't have the appropriate training to know better.

"You can't put somebody in a job and them never know the big rules," said April. "He didn't know anything about that kind of work. He found it on craigslist it was just boom, boom, boom and he was there."

OSHA Deputy Director Juan Rodriguez told KNWA that each employee who steps on construction site grounds is supposed to have adequate training. According to OSHA's website, employers must make sure each employee is trained to work in construction conditions.

Now, April wants OSHA and the construction company to take stronger action, and shut the site down.

"Look a little harder into what's going on. I don't know if they have the ability to shut down somebody or not, but they should shut down them. To the company, I would say their negligence has taken too many lives. I don't think they should be allowed to work anymore," she said.

For those still working on the site, April has a message.

"I'd say get out, get out. Two lives and one injured. That doesn't raise red flags? And they're just slapping them with a little fine? That's nothing to them and just expect everybody to go on about their life," said April.

We did reach out to Business Construction Services LLC to ask if Brannon received proper training. KNWA did not receive a call back.

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