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Ask an Expert: Dignity Memorial: Am I able to change a pre-paid plan?

Am I able to change a pre-paid plan? The staff at Rollins Callison-Lough Funeral Home answers this question
It's time to Ask an Expert. Today's expert is Brad Dick with Dignity Memorial and his question is: Am I able to change a pre-paid plan?

"Yes in fact it's very flexible," Dick says. "You could come in and add to it at any time or change or just make a complete start over at any time. For instance if family comes in and they originally wanted cremation and later they decide they want a traditional burial, they can come in and set that up, change everything. "Or if they started off with just a burial, they didn't have the funds to do the casket yet, they can add the casket later on or they can add flowers or other merchandise later on."

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