Neile Video Chats Classroom from Sochi

Neile Video Chats Classroom from Sochi

TULSA, OKLAHOMA (KJRH) -- Our own Neile Jones spent time in a Tulsa fourth-grade classroom earlier this week, thanks to video chat.
Our own Neile Jones found some time during her busy Sochi schedule to make a special appearance in an Oklahoma classroom.

"We are going to get to Skype with my sister Neile, who is in Sochi, Russia covering the Olympics," Holly Raley, a Tulsa teacher, says.

"It's been really great to feel so close to her even though she is so far away."

Earlier this week Neile spent some time with a group of fourth graders in Tulsa.

One of the students is actually Neile's neice.

Students were able to ask questions about her adventure, and Neile showed off a few souvenirs from her trip as well.
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