Father Pleads Guilty to Killing Sons

Father Pleads Guilty to Killing Sons

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- A Northwest Arkansas man has pleaded guilty to killing his two infant sons.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- A Northwest Arkansas man has been sentenced after admitting to killing his two infant sons. Monday Travis Fox pleaded guilty to two counts of capital murder in the shaking deaths of his young sons. Now Fox will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The children's mother, Tiffany Bresler, was in the courtroom Monday as Fox pleaded guilty and afterward, she spoke exclusively with KNWA & FOX 24.

"I just have my days that I miss them," she said.

Bresler lost two infant sons within a span of two years. Her six-month old died in 2011, her 7-month-old died in March of 2013.

"I still live in the same place and still have memories of my kids, but I'm trying to make it."

Monday her ex-husband Travis Fox pleaded guilty to both murders.

"He didn't know how to protect his children," she said. "He hurt them and that's not right."

Bresler says she sat in silence, listening to the father of her children admit that he shook them to death after drinking.

"It was heart aching. It hurt... I got a lot of closure from him telling me the truth and actually knowing the truth about what happened to my children."

A judge handed Fox two life sentences without the possibility of parole, one for each child, but Bresler says that's not enough.

"From what I could see, he was crying and was upset, but I think he's more upset because he's getting life in prison. I think he has more sympathy for himself than he did for his children," she said. "My children aren't here so justice really isn't served. They didn't get to live a full life, but he still gets to live life in prison without parole, and that's not fair."

She says Monday's guilty plea was tough to hear, but she's glad she didn't have to suffer through a trial.

"It's done and over with, and I can close it and move on with my life and actually try to be happy," she told us.

This mother is now trying to move on, taking her memories with her.

"I'll never forget my kids, and I'll never let my kids go. They'll always be with me," Bresler said.

Tiffany Bresler is now divorced from Travis Fox and, in September, she gave birth to his third child. That baby remains in state custody, but Bresler says she's fighting to get him back.
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