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Former Razorback Football Player Joshua Melton Arrested for Murder

FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- Former Razorback Football Player Joshua Melton was arrested Wednesday in Fayetteville.
Michael Gover (Facobook)
Michael Gover (Facobook)
Michael Gover (Facebook)
Michael Gover (Facebook)
Josh Melton (via LinkedIn)
Josh Melton (via LinkedIn)
FAYETTEVILLE, AR-- Police have released the name of the man former Razorback Football Player Joshua Melton is accused of killing.

Michael Gover, age 30 of West Fork, was found dead inside a house at 6316 W. Copper Ridge Lane. Melton was arrested Wednesday and faces charges of second degree murder.

Joshua Melton was an Offensive lineman for the Razorbacks from 1998 to 2002.

According to a police report Melton said he and a friend had been drinking when Melton passed out and woke up to find the victim had vomited on the floor.

Melton said he confronted the victim about the mess and told police he then went into a "rage," punching the victim several times.

The report stated Melton, 33, last saw the victim lying on the floor breathing but later found him unresponsive. Melton called police who responded to the home around 10:41AM.

Once on scene, emergency responders found blood and vomit inside the residence and pronounced the victim dead. The report stated Melton was cooperative and concerned throughout the interview, and maintained there was never any intention to cause the victim's death.

Melton is currently being held in the Washington County Jail.
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